CPUT Blackboard Login

With the opportunity to integrate their social media platforms, students can learn safely online using CPUT Blackboard.

To separate their personal and academic identities, students can then choose to filter information and select privacy settings. The LMS, which is supported by the Centre for e-Learning, gives professors and students access to a wide range of online resources and tools on a single, cohesive platform for teaching and learning.

Students may anticipate incorporating the most recent technology into their learning experience through everything from blogging to developing apps.

Below we will share with you ways in which you can log into CPUT Blackboard and other information you might find useful. 

About The Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The National Plan for Higher Education was unveiled in March 2001 by Minister of Education Kader Asmal. Universities of Technology were created as a result of the consolidation of several universities throughout South Africa.

After protracted procedures, including the formation of merger task teams and a rebranding procedure, the Minister approved Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s name in 2003.

Today, this institution—which has more than 30,000 students, many campuses and service centers, and more than 70 programs—is the sole university of technology in the Western Cape and the largest university in the area.

Throughout the academic year, they make an effort to house at least 7,800 students each night in their cozy and welcoming CPUT apartments. After all, their kids require a comfortable spot to rest after a long day. For the convenience of our students, CPUT strives for higher standards, comfort, and security throughout an almost universal feel to all of our houses. They include both single and shared accommodations, together with common areas and amenities, to give students a comfortable homelike atmosphere.

Studying at CPUT is about more than just earning a degree; it’s also about growing personally and leading a happy student life. Student Affairs provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, most of which are free of charge, to assist in achieving a balanced student life. These activities will improve your time as a student at the CPUT.

CPUT Blackboard Login

How To Log Into CPUT Blackboard

Below are the steps you need to follow to access CPUT Blackboard LMS, 

  1. Go to the following website:  myclassroom.cput.ac.za.
  2. Enter your CPUT username.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Then, click on “Login” to access your courses.

The list of additional login options is below.

The Learning Management System (LMS), often known as Myclassroom, will be taught to Cape Peninsula University of Technology first-year students.

Other than Myclassroom, many departments are also incorporating technology into the educational setting.

For instance, although some students will like using tablets and apps, others will have access to lecture videos and podcasts.

Through Myclassroom, students can anticipate completing online quizzes and tasks (CPUT blackboard). Blogs, journals, online group work forums, and discussion forums are some other intriguing resources.

Enter your login and password to access the CPU Blackboard. You may also log in with a different account.

By authenticating against your Office 365 account (cput student email), which is active in the cloud and will provide access when CPUT services are inactive or unavailable, you have an additional or alternative way to access the blackboard when using the “Sign in with a third-party account” option.

You will also have the choice to modify your password in the cloud using your Microsoft Office 365 account’s web-based interface, doing away with the requirement to get in touch with the CTS Service Desk.


CPUT Blackboard Mobile Application

Students and professors at CPUT can now use the mobile MyClassroom/Blackboard software without paying a fee. The Blackboard app is a straightforward and simple-to-use mobile learning software for the lecturer and learner who is always on the go and goal-oriented.

The app is your one-stop shop for announcements, information, communication, assignments, and exams. It was created exclusively for students and lecturers. The students’ app is named “Blackboard,” whereas the lecturers’ app is called “Instructor.”

Both the Android and iOS app stores provide the CPUT Blackboard mobile app. Enter “Cape Peninsula University of Technology” as your institution when you first log in. Your standard web login credentials—username and password—apply.

How To Reset Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT Blackboard Password 

Have you lost your password or PIN? Don’t worry about it! Here’s how you may reset your PIN or get back into your student account.

  1. To access the student site, use your browser.
  2. Enter the number on your student ID.
  3. From the drop-down box, choose “Request A PIN.”
  4. Your PIN will be sent to your student email.
  5. To access your email, log in with your student number as the username and your birthdate (ex. dd/mm/yyyy) as the password.
  6. Go back to the website and log in using the PIN you were sent through email.

The same technique can be used to change your PIN.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT Blackboard Login Troubleshoots

  • Make sure the CAPS Lock is turned on or off.
  • Delete the cache and cookies on your browser.
  • Before you try to enter your student portal again, make sure that your internet connection is active and that your device is connected.
  • Don’t overuse a VPN.


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