NSFAS Arranges Millions in Payments to Students & Institutions

The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) has confirmed that they will continue to make funds available to students while the country is on lockdown from the Coronavirus. The NSFAS has made provisional funding to 448,038 students for this academic year and has already received 350,289 registration records from the educational institutions. Institutions have been told to disburse the allowances to all NSFAS-funded and registered students.

The NSFAS has made provisional funding available to 266,274 TVET students, and they have also already received 185,876 registration records.

The total upfront payments made to institutions to date has now reached R4.2 billion – this includes the second upfront payment of R677 million to assist colleges with cashflow, transport and accommodation.

TheĀ  NSFAS are currently processing payments that will be disbursed to all students.

Nziamnde said of the 131,032 TVET walk-in applications, 93,952 of the applications were financially eligible although 15,681 students have incomplete documents.

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