SASSA Appeal Process for SRD R350

The SASSA appeal process is easy. If your SRDR350 grant application was rejected, you can seek redress by appealing for the months rejected.

The SASSA grant application process is strict to ensure only deserving applicants get the grant. Therefore, your grant application process might be declined. Fortunately, you can appeal. This is why it might be rejected and how you can appeal the rejection.

SASSA Appeal for R350
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Reasons For SASSA Grant Rejection

SASSA grants target a specific group of people. For instance, the SASSA children’s grant targets families who need support to cater to their child/children’s needs. SASSA’s old age grant, on the other hand, is given to the elderly to ensure all their needs are met.

Each of these grants has reasons why your application may not go through. Even so, there are common reasons that cut across. They include:

  • Failure to meet age requirements
  • If you are admitted into a state institution e.g., caregiving
  • Ability to provide for yourself or your dependents
  • If you are already receiving a state grant
  • Death
  • Submitting incorrect documents
  • The intended beneficiary is not in the country

What is SASSA Grant Appeal?

It is a formal request an applicant submits to SASSA to express their disagreement with SASSA’s decision on every month their grant was rejected. You must lodge an appeal for your case to be examined, processed, and decided upon.

What Do You Need for the SASSA Grant Appeal Process

To lodge the SASSA grant appeal process, you need:

  • Identification Number
  • Phone number
  • An internet-enabled mobile phone or computer

Please note, you must know the month you are appealing for and have a reason for appealing.

SASSA Grant Appeal Process

If you applied for a SASSA grant and were declined when you did the sassa status check, you can appeal the decision. Before you submit your appeal, ensure you meet the criteria for application. Failure to meet the criteria is the most probable cause for your SASSA grant application being declined. If you met all the qualifications for the grant but your application was still declined, here’s how to lodge a SASSA Appeal:

Lodging Your SASSA Appeal 

SASSA appeal has to be lodged at the Department of Social Development. It is advisable to appeal within 30 days of receiving a rejection. You will be required to use the same 13-digit South African identification number and phone number that you used when submitting your original application.

What to Note When Lodging Your Appeal

  • Ensure that your contact details are accurate on the SRD platform. If they are not, you will need to update your details. If your appeal is successful, SASSA will be directed by the independent tribunal to issue payment to you directly, and will thus need your accurate contact information to disburse the funds. After updating your contact details, you will be redirected back to the SRD DSD appeal website to proceed with your appeal.
  • Applicants who are appealing, have to confirm that they have read and accepted the clauses included in the declaration and consent documents.
  • Once this is done, and you have submitted your appeal, you will be redirected to a confirmation message on another page that your appeal was successfully submitted.
  • A SASSA appeal has to be lodged for each month the grant was rejected if you are in disagreement with the decision.
  • The independent tribunal is tasked with informing the applicants of the outcome of their appeal application electronically, within about 60 to 90 days of their appeal submission.
  • Applicants may reach the Department of Social Development Independent tribunal for any queries on social assistance appeals.

SASSA Appeal Online

SASSA Appeal
Screenshot showing where to click to start the appeal process
  • Go to
  • Scroll down to a green bar “click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status” and click
  • Key in your Identification Number (ID)
  • Key in your phone number
  • Press “send pin” and wait for an SMS containing your verification pin
  • Key in the pin and press “Submit”
  • Choose the month you’re appealing
  • Choose the drop-down arrow and select your reason for the appeal
  • Press “submit”

Reasons for Reconsideration Decline 

SASSA grant appeal is the final attempt at getting the grant. Unfortunately, SASSA can also decline your appeal. When this happens, you will not be able to appeal again with DSD or SASSA.

SASSA will decline your appeal for the following reasons:

Alternative Income Source Identified

This means that the applicant has a balance of about R595 or more that is coming into their bank accounts, for the reconsidered period.

Identity Verification Failed

Meaning that the personal information provided by the applicant does not match the details provided by the Department of Home Affairs.

Existing SASSA Grant

Meaning that you were receiving a grant during the reconsidered timeframe.

NSFAS Registered

This means that the applicant was a beneficiary of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), during the reconsidered period.

Age Outside Range

The recommended age is between 18 to 60 years, this thus means that the applicant either does not meet the above 18 years age requirement or below 60 years age requirement during the reconsidered period.

Deceased Record on DHA

Meaning that the Department of Home Affairs database has registered the applicant as deceased during the reconsidered period.

Should your circumstance change and you don’t need the grant any longer, you can cancel your application. Should you have a change of mind after canceling your application, you can reinstate it.

How Long Does the SASSA Appeal Process Take

Applicants are advised to lodge an appeal within 30 days after a rejection. However, you can take up to 90 days to lodge an appeal. After this period, SASSA will communicate its decision to the applicant.

Types SASSA Grants 

The SASSA Act of 2004 and its regulations issue a legal framework for allocating grants in South Africa to a deserving group of people who are vulnerable to poverty. These social grants include:

  • Foster child grant
  • Child support grants
  • Care dependency grant
  • Grant aid
  • Disability grant
  • Old age grant
  • War veteran’s grant
  • Social distress relief grant
  • Covid-19 social distress relief grant

The social relief distress grant is a temporary social grant that is applicable for a given period. For instance, the Covid-19 social distress relief grant is expected to run until March 2024.


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