Share Your Bursary Experience

Have you received a Bursary in South Africa? We want to hear about your experience so we can help educate others in similar positions and show them how they can benefit too! Learning from other people’s experiences can provide huge amounts of inspiration and encouragement for others that were once in your position and are looking for how they can best further their education and career potential by applying for a bursary.

South Africa Bursary Experience

Share Your Bursary Experience 

We are looking to find people that have applied and received bursaries in South Africa that have helped them to fund their tertiary education.

If you have received  funding form a bursary, whether through a government organisation such as NSFAS, or perhaps through sponsorship from a company such as SASOL or Toyota, then we are looking to hear from you!

We are looking for about 300-500 words on your experience, covering  the below topics and anything  else you think might be useful: 

Details of the Bursary you received and dates

What was included in your bursary?

What was the process after you were awarded the Bursary?

Tips and Advice on applying for a Bursary  

Please email us with the above to – we will be awarding the best and most useful responses with a R250 gift card of your choosing.

If you have any questions at all, of course, please email

We will post all experiences on our blog and share them on our social media profiles – so be sure to keep a look out!

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