Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary 2024

About Miss South Africa

Miss South Africa is a powerful organization. It’s an inclusive and accessible brand. Miss SA welcomes young South African women from diverse backgrounds, appearances, beliefs, and sexual orientations. They empower these talented young women to recognize their inherent strength and embrace their future. Miss SA is a leading voice on female empowerment and a catalyst for much-needed social change.

About Natasha Joubert, ASUS, HyperionDev

Natasha Joubert won the Miss South Africa 2023 pageant, On 13 August 2023. Natasha Joubert was born on 23 July 1997. She is from Tshwane in Gauteng South Africa. She placed second runner-up before representing her country at Miss Universe 2020.

ASUS is renowned as a multinational company. ASUS is popular for its industry-leading motherboards, monitors, PCs, routers, graphics cards, and other advanced tech solutions.

HyperionDev stands as the largest tech education provider in Southern Africa. It was established in 2012. HyperionDev originated as a grassroots initiative led by Computer Science students. HyperionDev goal is to create and provide improved technical education for individuals interested in acquiring digital literacy and programming skills.

About The Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary Programme

Miss South Africa and Natasha Joubert collaborate with ASUS and HyperionDev. This programme invites students to apply for the 2024 academic year. Eligible Candidates get the opportunity to enroll in HyperionDev’s comprehensive 6-month Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp Programme, accessible online. After completion, graduate candidates will gain HyperionDev’s 90-Day Bespoke Programme certificate. The programme empowers graduates with the necessary tools to kick-start their careers in the tech industry. They provide valuable workplace skills. This initiative constitutes the second phase focusing on education, offering bursaries to deserving students. 

10 bursaries will be granted to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in technology, chosen through a competition. The successful recipients’ names will be announced on April 30, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying, candidates must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Candidates must be citizens of South Africa.
  2. Candidates must be 18 years or older
  3. No minimum qualification is required
  4. The course will be online and attended remotely
  5. Candidates must have access to a laptop or, computer and WiFi. (HyperionDev provides centers in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Where eligible candidates will be able to access a laptop or computer and WiFis if necessary)
  6. You must agree to the competition’s T&C’s

How To Apply?

Eligible candidates should move forward with the application process. It’s an online process that’s quick and easy to complete. 

Applications must be submitted online at the following address: Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary Application

Documents Required

Candidates have to Submit a motivational letter along with their application. In their motivational letter include the following-

  1. Why do the candidates deserve the coding bursary
  2. Telling the company more about themself.

Closing Date

19 April 2024.

Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted. So, please apply before the closing date to ensure your application is considered.

Contact Details

Please reach out to Natasha Joubert Collective directly for any queries related to this competition:


App: Miss SA App

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries open for application here:

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