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About Tech-Capital

Tech-Capital is a for-profit company that provides a wide range of services like IT consultancy, bursary administration, coaching, and mentoring, among others. Founded in 2018, it is a black-owned company with all of the owners belonging to the black community. This is to increase the participation of people of color in the South African tech industry.

The company is located in Centurion and undertakes projects from around the country. As a for-profit company, the primary mission is to value customer satisfaction and deliver the best service possible. As a community-focused company, it aims to empower students from the black community through bursaries.

Tech-Capital Bursary Opportunity 

Tech-Capital is offering bursaries to a certain number of students who are facing financial hardships to pursue their education. The bursaries will help pay the tuition cost, thus benefitting the candidates. The bursaries are meant only for people of color and aim to empower them with education.

For the upcoming academic session, Tech-Capital is seeking students with disabilities. They must be pursuing an undergraduate qualification in the field of IT (Information Technology). It’s open to students in any year of study currently.

Please note that the bursary will only cover the tuition fees. The bursary amount will vary from applicant to applicant and depend on the University Tuition Statement. Students are expected to cover the rest of their expenses on their own.

Eligibility Criteria For The Tech-Capital Bursary

There are specific eligibility criteria laid out by Tech-Capital for the bursary programme. Everyone applying for the funding must fulfill all the requirements to be considered. Failing to do so will automatically result in disqualification. Since there is a limited number of bursaries on offer, the company cannot award everyone. Therefore, always cross-check with the below requirements before applying.

The eligibility criteria for Tech-Capital Bursary are:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must have been born in South Africa and not overseas
  • Must be ethnically black (African, Indian, or Coloured)
  • Must be living with a permanent disability which the Disability Rights Unit must recognise
  • Must be pursuing an undergraduate qualification in IT
  • Must be studying full-time and not part-time
  • Must be studying at a South African tertiary institution that’s accredited and recognized
  • Must have scored and maintained an overall average of at least 65%. If in the first year of study, must have scored at least 65% overall average in Matric

Fulfilling all the criteria, however, doesn’t guarantee funding. Students with better academic performance will be given preference over others.


How to Apply For The Tech-Capital Bursary?

Eligible students are requested to move forward with the application process and apply for the bursary programme. It’s a short process that shouldn’t take long. However, you shouldn’t rush through it and submit incorrect or incomplete applications. Such submissions are rejected without further consideration. Here are the steps to apply for the Tech-Capital Bursary Opportunity:

The first step in the application process is to download and complete the Tech-Capital Bursary Application Form. It’s in PDF format, and you’d have to complete the form using a PDF editor or by ink.

The form has got two parts. The first part (Part A) is concerned with your personal information and contact details, and the second part (Part B) asks questions about your educational institution. Complete all the questions that are relevant to you.

Documents Required

The next step is to prepare the documents that are needed for this bursary application. These are used for verification purposes and to process your application further. Here is the list of documents you’d have to submit:

  • ID documents (certified copies only)
  • Proof of disability issued by a medical doctor
  • Proof of registration at the university for the current year of study
  • Fee statement (latest copies must be on institution letterhead)
  • Academic report (latest records must be on institution letterhead)
  • Email Your Application

Lastly, scan all the documents and the application form and email them to ‘’ In the subject line, insert ‘Tech-Capital Bursary Application.‘ Review for one last time and send your application.

Closing Date Of The Tech-Capital Bursary

Currently closed for application. Please check back later for the updated opening and closing date of this bursary.

Contact Details Of The Bursar

For further queries regarding the bursary programme, contact Tech-Capital at:

  • Telephone – 010 443 9756
  • Email –

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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