CETA – Thapelo Madibeng Bursary 2024

About CETA

CETA, the Construction Education and Training Authority, is a South African organization focused on developing construction and built environment workforce in South Africa. The organization not only works on prompting skills development in these fields but also aspires to create more employment opportunities in the sector.

CETA, being a part of the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) in South Africa, is responsible for analyzing the current and future requirements of the construction sector to ensure the provision of a skilled workforce. The organization collaborates with educational institutions and training providers to ensure they’re aligned with the industry’s needs and are maintaining the quality of education.

CETA collaborates with educational institutes, stakeholders and potential employers to foster talented individuals looking to work in the construction industry. The organization thus contributes to the progress of the construction and built environment industry and plays its role in the country’s economic growth.

CETA - Thapelo Madibeng Bursary

Thapelo Madibeng Bursary 2024

To accomplish its mission of developing a well-qualified and well-trained workforce in the field of construction, CETA plans to award bursaries to talented learners. Their bursary called the CETA Thapelo Madibeng Bursary, is aimed at supporting learners at every level of education pursuing their studies in the field of construction and the built environment.

So no matter if you’re planning to enroll for an undergraduate or a PhD program, the CETA Thapelo Madibeng Bursary is available for you.

According to this vision of CETA, the Thapelo Madibeng Bursary is available for the following qualifications in the field of construction or built environment:

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Postgraduate programs
  • Masters programs
  • PhD programs

You may choose any of the construction industry-related fields of study in the following institutes recommended by the CETA:

Preferred qualifications at the South African universities are:

  • BSc Masters or PhD in Civil Engineering
  • BSc Masters or PhD in Quantity Surveying
  • BSc Masters or PhD Construction Economics
  • BSc Masters or PhD in Construction Management
  • BSc Masters or PhD in Construction Studies
  • BSc Masters or PhD in Architecture
  • BSc Masters or PhD in Geomatics
  • BSc, Masters or PhD in Urban and Regional Planning
  • BSC Architecture
  • BSc Property Development
  • BA of Building Arts
  • ND Architecture

In the Universities of Technology you can go for:

  • National Diploma – PhD in Building
  • National Diploma – PhD in Civil Engineering
  • National Diploma – PhD in Quantity Surveying
  • National Diploma – PhD in Surveying
  • National Diploma – PhD in Real Estat
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM),
  • NB Environmental Management
  • NB Climate Change Science
  • NB Construction

Or choose one of these qualifications at the TVET Colleges:

  • N4 -N6 in Civil Engineering and Building Construction
  • N4 – N6 in Electrical Engineering
  • NCV qualifications in the construction-related fields of study

As the CETA aspires to fully support the successful candidates through this bursary scheme, it plans to spend a maximum of R120 000,00 yearly for every successful candidate, till the completion of their qualification.

The Thapelo Madibeng Bursary will cover the following expenses of the successful candidates, considering the fact that they should be able to maintain their academic performance throughout their funded study program:

  • Registration fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Books or required study material
  • Meals
  • Accommodation

The bursary also plans to fund these additional study expenses of the successful candidates subject to the approval by the CETA:

  • The research costs
  • Printing costs
  • laboratory costs
  • Fieldwork cost

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Eligibility Criteria Of The CETA Thapelo Madibeng Bursary

The CETA plans to award around 150 bursaries through the Thapelo Madibeng Bursary and below are the criteria for eligibility:

  • Must be a citizen of South African
  • Must be less than 36 years old (unless applying for a post-graduate program)
  • Must be perusing or looking to peruse one of the above-mentioned qualifications in a public South African institute
  • You must submit the acceptance letter from the institute where you’d like to study. In case, you’ve already got enrolled in the institute then please submit the proof of your registration.
  • Please keep in mind that if you’re already availing any other bursary then you’re not eligible to apply for this one.
  • The immediate relatives of CETA employees are not eligible to apply.

Here are the CETA’s selection criteria for awarding the bursary:

  • The applicant must have shown good academic results in his/her last year of education.
  • The applicant must be pursuing a field of study related to the construction industry.
  • The applicant must be eligible for the desired study program in the institute of his/her choice.

Moreover, the following applicants will be preferred for awarding the bursary:

  • Female applicants
  • Applicants from rural areas
  • Those with a disability
  • Military veterans
  • Unemployed applicants applying for their higher education
  • Applicants with an excellent academic record and looking to pursue challenging or scarce study fields

How to Apply?

You can apply for the CETA Thapelo Madibeng Bursary by filling out their online application form.

You can read the bursary advert here.

Please don’t forget to attach all the required documents along with your form to be considered for the bursary.

Documents Required

You’re required to attach certified copies of the following documents along with your application forms:

  • National ID card or Birth Certificate of the applicant
  • Proof of parent’s or guardian’s monthly income or financial status in the form of recent salary slips, bank statements, pension records, or an unemployment affidavit, etc.
  • Copies of current and last year’s academic results (whichever is applicable)
  • A letter of acceptance or proof of registration from your selected institute for pursuing the studies

Closing Date

The closing date for submitting application forms for this bursary is 12 January 2024. So any application received after this due date won’t be considered for the bursary.

Contact Details

In case of any queries related to the Thapelo Madibeng Bursary, please feel free to send an email to: info@ceta.co.za

You can also call them at +27 11 265 5901

If the bursary has already been closed, please do not make any queries. View our other bursaries open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

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