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About Globeleq

Founded in 2002, Globeleq is a power company operating around the globe. In electric power sector development, Globeleq develops energy projects and is currently the pioneer in this emerging field.

Globeleq South Africa is the subsidiary company of Globeleq which started its operation in 2012. It is responsible for managing three power-producing projects in South Africa i.e., De Aar Solar Power, Droogfontein Solar Power and Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The projects fall under the renewable energy projects category. These projects are partnered with Eksom (South African government) and other constructors, investors, local communities, lenders, private sector developers and suppliers.

Globeleq Scholarship Fund Scholarship

Globeleq Scholarships

Globeleq South Africa runs the Globeleq Scholarship Fund (GSF) to sponsor a certain number of students for their education. It is managed by the Globeleq South African Management Services (GSAMS) and funded by the independent power producers (IPPs), Globeleq Educational Trust (GET), and a handful of other shareholders.

The main goal of the fund is to meet the technical skill demand in the renewable energy sector of the country. Thus, it creates a skilled pipeline for not only Globeleq but the entire industry. The bursary also contributes to the sustainability of the energy sector.

The Globeleq scholarships comprise three categories:

  • Globeleq Communities Scholarship Fund: Awarded to students pursuing certificate or degree courses in any field. The applicants must reside within 50 kilometers of which the Globeleq operates i.e., Boshof Solar Power, Aries Solar Power, Soutpan Solar Power, Klipheuwel Wind Farm, Konkoonsies Solar Power, Droogfontein Solar Power, De Aar Solar Power and Jeffrey’s Bay Wind Farm.
  • Globeleq Engineering Scholarship Fund: Awarded to students studying Bachelor of Technology (Btech) or National Diploma in Electrical Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering.
  • Globeleq Scarce Skills Scholarship Fund: Awarded to students residing in Northern or Eastern Cape pursuing Agriculture, Education or Nursing undergraduate degree or certificate studies.

Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

Globeleq has certain eligibility criteria laid out for the bursary that students must meet. Failing to do with will result in the rejection of your application.

The eligibility requirements for Globeleq Scholarships are:

For GSF Engineering Scholarship

  • Must be a citizen of South African
  • Must have completed the Matric examination
  • The applicant must pursue their education from an accredited and recognized institution in South Africa
  • Candidates must reside in the Northern or Eastern Cape.
  • The applicant should be entering the first or higher year in Agriculture, Education or Nursing undergraduate degree or certificate studies while applying for their scholarship.
  • Should be pursuing either BTech or National Diploma in Mechatronic or Electrical engineering
  • Must be moving into their second or higher year of study (bridging courses and extended programmes are excluded)
  • Must be studying at a recognized South African institute
  • Must have an inherent interest in the solar sector

For GSF Scarce Skills Scholarship

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must have either completed Matric or currently in Matric
  • Must be residing in either the Northern Cape or Eastern Cape province
  • Must be pursuing a degree or certificate in the field of agriculture, education, or nursing
  • Must be studying at a recognized institution in South Africa
  • Must be entering their first year of study

For GSF Communities Scholarship

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must have either completed Matric or currently in Matric
  • Must be residing within a 50 km radius of any of the following locations:
    • Aries Solar Power
    • Boshot Solar Power
    • De Aar Solar Power
    • Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm
    • Soutpan Solar Power
    • Konkoonies Solar Power
    • Klipheuwel Wind Farm
    • Droogfontein Solar Power
  • Must be studying at a recognized institution
  • Must be entering their first year of study


How To Apply?

To apply for Globeleq Scholarships, click here: Globeleq Scholarship Applications

Applicants will receive a confirmation email upon receiving the application. If the application has been unsuccessful, the candidate will be notified of that as well. The shortlisted candidates will need to attend an interview.

Documents Required

The documents required for registering for Globeleq Scholarships are

  • Certified copy of your ID documents
  • Certified copy of your complete academic records including Class 11 results and Matric results
  • Latest academic transcripts (certified copy)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Proof of registration on university letterhead
  • A statement explaining your choice of field and how you plan to use your education after graduation
  • Recommendation letter attesting your character and academic performance. Contact details of the individual should be provided and care should be taken that it should not be from a family member
  • Proof of total monthly household income of parents or guardians. It can include if employed, the latest payslips
  • Additional documents such as the parent’s/guardian’s consent form and certified copies of the parent’s/guardian’s ID documents are required to be submitted by students below 18 years of age.

Closing Date

Currently closed for application. Please check back later for the updated opening and closing date of this bursary.

Contact Details

If you are facing any difficulty regarding the Globeleq Scholarships application form, contact,

Tel: 079 013 5203

Email: /

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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