The Open Window Scholarships Competition 2022

If you have an inclination towards creativity then the open window scholarships competition can be your ladder to success. By entering this competition you can realize your dream of building a creative career.

About Open Window

Open Window is a recognized Higher Education institution that was established in the year 1993 in Gauteng, South Africa. The courses offered by the institution include 3 bachelor’s degree programs, a post graduate program, and many accredited certificates in the field of Creative Arts.

The Institution aims to be the best in the field and they strive to achieve this by promoting excellence in academic, being relevant in the creative sector, and making use of the latest technologies.

The goal of Open Window is to produce students who are dynamic, professionals, are critical thinkers and possess the capabilities essential in the creative industry. To fulfill this goal it provides deserving and talented students with the relevant education opportunities by using excellent education models, latest technologies, and industry requirements.

About The Open Window Scholarship Program

Through the Open Window scholarship program, the institution aims to encourage young creative minds. By entering the Open Window competition, students stand a chance to win a partial or full scholarship for the first year of any certificate or degree program for the year 2022 in the following fields:

  • Animation Arts
  • Visual communication
  • Film Arts
  • Creative technologies

This scholarship can be a stepping stone for students to achieve their creative career goals.

The Open Window Scholarship Competition

Visual storytelling is an integral part of all the four streams mentioned above. Open Window is thus looking for candidates with excellent visual storytelling skills. For this competition, students are required to create a 5 image series/frames depicting the topic “A journey towards creativity”.

The Open Window Scholarship Program

Students can showcase their creativity and talent by using any format, visual medium, or approach to present their narrative digitally. For instance, students can use 3D objects, animation, illustrations, digital designs, etc.

Students are required to send blueprints, sketches, or planning ideas so that Open Window gets an idea to their journey towards the final outcome.

While sending your entries keep the following things in mind:

  • Show your creative superpower through photos, drawing, film, etc.
  • What is creativity for you? Or what does creativity mean to you?
  • Through a creative expression share the moment you discovered your creative power
  • Is your creative approach playful?

Eligibility & Requirements

Only those students who fulfill the following eligibility requirements will be considered for the scholarship.

  • You must be creative
  • Applicant must be currently in Matric
  • Student must be eligible for tertiary studies in 2022
  • One must be willing to study first-year degree or certificate program relating to film arts, animation arts, creative technologies, or visual communication
  • Applicant must meet the degree entry requirements

Application Process

Students can apply online for the scholarship competition. Click here to start the online application process: The Open Window Scholarships Competition 2022

Along with the application form, students are required to compulsorily submit the following documents. Applications not supported with valid documents will be rejected.

  • Filled up the registration form.
  • Submit your visual narrative in one of the formats; MOV, MP4, JPG, PNG, PDF
  • The file size should not exceed 20 MB
  • For files larger than 20MB upload it on YouTube and attach a link for the same
  • ID document
  • International study permit
  • Latest academic results

Additional Information

  • Every candidate will be assessed based on the criteria laid down by the company
  • Time-based submissions like stop motion, sounds, animation, etc. should be timed within 30 seconds.
  • For film and animation submissions candidates are required to submit 5 moments/events rather than 5 scene changes.
  • Only those candidates are awarded the scholarships who meet the degree entry requirements.
  • Candidates will be awarded the scholarship based on their artistic potential and creative talent.
  • The competition is judged based on the concept used, story, material, quality of craftsmanship and skills.
  • All the entries are subject to a specific selection process, emphasis on concept, creative use of technique, and professionalism.

Closing Date

3 December 2021.

Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted. Please apply before the closing date to ensure your application is considered.

The selection process includes the following steps:

  • 10 to 11 January 2022: judging takes place
  • 12 to 17 January 2022: interviews are held with shortlisted candidates (via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom)
  • 18 January 2022: winners will be announced on The Open Window website

Find answers to all your queries in relation to the Open Window Scholarship Competition at:

(This Bursary/Scholarship Listing Last Updated on November 27, 2021)

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