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The CAPE BOD Bursary is provided by CAPE SAJBD i.e., Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies.

CAPE SAJBD advocates and ensures that the interests, rights and values of the Jewish community are adhered to in the Western Cape. It safeguards the civil and religious rights and welfare of the community. CAPE SAJBD acts as a harmonious bridge between the Jewish community of Western Cape province and the rest of the South African population.

The organization believes there is no space for hatred in South Africa. It has robustly participated in engaging magnetic leaders in administrative, media, and political spheres to challenge different manifestations of antisemitism.

Under the guidance of a pragmatic chairperson along with an efficient team, CAPE SAJBD can take any lawful activities related to the community.

The bursary funding is provided by families, trustee members and individuals who value education and care for the community.

CAPE BOD Bursary

CAPE BOD Bursary

The CAPE BOD Bursary is for Jewish students residing within the Western Cape province who wish to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies in any field.

The CAPE BOD bursary will cover 50% of the annual fees of the selected candidates. CAPE SAJBD reasons that the bursary covers only 50% fee as they wish to assist as many students as possible through their bursary.

Eligibility Criteria

Mentioned below are the eligibility criteria for the bursary programme. You must satisfy all the eligibility requirements to qualify for the bursary.

  • The applicant must be a Jewish
  • The applicant must have completed their Matric within the Western Cape Province and must have permanent residence in Western Cape Province for a minimum of three years
  • The applicant must wish to study or pursue undergraduate/ postgraduate studies and towards a first qualification.
  • The candidate must be studying or applied to an accredited and recognized tertiary institution (technical college, university or similar) in the Western Cape province
  • The candidate must require financial assistance
  • The applicants need to actively support communal organizations and might need to participate in leadership programs of the community.
  • The candidate must adhere to all terms and conditions of CAPE BOD


How To Apply?

To apply for CAPE BOD Bursary, click on the application link here and fill out the form online.

Documents Required

The documents required for registering for CAPE BOD Bursary are

  • Matric certificate and study course with study codes (if available)
  • Proof of income of parents or guardians (If employed, latest payslips; If pursuing an informal business, then income statements for past twelve months, trading details and an affidavit to be witnessed by Commissioner of Oaths; If on pension, then pension slips; If self-employed/ directors of private organization/ shareholders, then income statement and balance sheets are required)
  • Latest financial statements along with trust deeds are necessary if an immediate family member is associated with a Trust
  • Copies of bond statements if parents hold property with a mortgage
  • Schedule of shares if parents hold any shares
  • Schedule of gross and net earnings of the past twelve months.
  • Copies of income tax returns, IRP5 for the last financial year, tax assessment for the previous tax year, and schedule of outstanding creditors account
  • Married candidates need to submit marriage documents. If divorced, then divorce agreements related to the education of the child are required.

Closing Date

Currently closed for application. Please check back later for the updated opening and closing date of this bursary.

Contact Details

For any queries regarding the bursary programme, please contact

Telephone No.: 021 464 6700

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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