Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision (DBREV) Scholarship


DBREV stands for Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision and is a fund formed to help advance the renewable energy sector in South Africa. Named after Dr. Doug Banks, the independent fund is financed by its sponsors, which include corporations and individual donors.

Dr. Banks was passionate about uplifting the lives of people from backward communities who lacked basic amenities. The vision fund also aims to achieve the same.

The money from the trust primarily goes towards facilitating access to education for backward communities. It awards scholarships to students interested in the field of renewable energy and energy access.

Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision (DBREV) Scholarship

The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Scholarship or DBREV Scholarship is intended for postgraduate students who are in pursuit of a master’s degree. The degree should be in Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

The DVREV Scholarship is possible due to the donations from SANEDI RECORD (Renewable Energy Center of Research & Development).

The scholarship will cover the cost of education for two years. Students will also receive mentorship from industry leaders to build a career in the South African renewable energy sector.

It’s a renewable scholarship. So students will have to re-apply for it the following year. The funding is subject to satisfactory academic performance in the current year.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be selected for the scholarship, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria. These are the first requirements for this scholarship and are a must for every applicant. Since DBREV receives many applications and the number of scholarships is limited, it discards those that do not fulfill the criteria. Therefore, cross-check with the requirements before applying for it.

The eligibility requirements for DBREV are:

  • Must be a South African citizen or a legal permanent resident
  • Must be studying or intend to study towards a Masters degree
  • The degree must be in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies
  • Must be from one of the following academic backgrounds:
    • Economics
    • Engineering
    • Environment and Geographical Science
    • Development Studies
    • Finance
    • Science
  • Must be studying or intend to study at a recognized South African institute

Besides the above requirements, applicants must have a passion for improving the lives of South African people and addressing energy poverty and energy access in the country. Also, they must be concerned about climate change and be committed to achieving the set Sustainable Development goals.

Fulfilling the criteria, however, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be awarded. Selection is at the sole discretion of the committee. The list of candidates published by them will be considered final.


How to Apply for the DBREV Scholarship?

Students fulfilling all the eligibility criteria should move forward with the application process. But it’s important to be diligent throughout the process and not rush things.

The first thing to do is complete the DBREV Scholarship Form. The form has nine sections. It asks a certain question about yourself, your academic qualifications, and your motivation for applying for the scholarship. All the fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory.

Documents Required

The next step is to prepare and submit the necessary documents, which are:

  • ID documents
  • High school results records
  • List of all the awards received in High School and during tertiary education
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate results (most recent or final results)
  • A 400-word letter describing your motivation for renewable energy (you should explain why you’re interested in renewable energy in the rural African context)
  • A 300-word motivation letter explaining what you want to achieve in the renewable energy field with a focus on your interests and strengths
  • A 200-word explanation of why you’re the best candidate for this scholarship that’d strengthen your scholarship application
  • A 200-word explanation of what you want to focus on during your postgraduate studies
  • A 200-word description of your proposed research project
  • Proof of registration at a recognized South African university
  • Updated CV
  • Two or three reference letters from people who are aware of your personal and academic aspect

Scan and upload all of the documents and send them along with your application.

Closing Date

Currently closed for application. Please check back later for the updated opening and closing date of this bursary.

Contact Details

For more information, get in touch with the scholarship provider at:

  • Telephone – 082 928 2682 / 072 738 3268
  • Email –
  • Website form –

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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