FoodBev SETA Mandatory Grant 2021

About FoodBev SETA

FoodBev SETA is just one of 21 Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) that the economy has mandated for the purpose of putting the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) into practice. FoodBev SETA is a public entity that got established in 1998 as amended in Section 9 of the Skills Development Act (SDA). This year, FoodBev SETA has offered a Mandatory Grant to qualified applicants for the Academic Year 2021.

FoodBev SETA Mandatory Grant 2021 Requirements and Eligibility

Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) in companies are highly encouraged to apply for this grant. This will prevent the likelihood of last-minute or delayed submissions, which might cause limited support availability or a system overload. Also, SDFs in companies must accurately fill in the Annexure 2 template since the information here is very important.

How to Apply and Application Details

Interested applicants may process their application online through the indicium system link. Also, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Proof of training completion in the form of an attendance register, online learner details from online training, or a certificate
  • A canceled cheque or a letter stamped by the bank to confirm the applicant’s banking details (this mustn’t be older than three months)
  • Stakeholder support declaration and authorization with the required signatures

Applicants can also obtain the application forms at

All documents and applications submitted after the closing date won’t get accepted. For any concerns or to ask for assistance, applicants may contact the office from Monday to Friday during official working hours.

Closing Date

30 April 2021

Contact Details

Address: 13 Autumn Street, Rivonia
Tel #: +27 11 253 7300

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