Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship 2023

About Fulbright

Fullbright was founded in 1946 and is now among the most prestigious exchange programmes in the scholastic area. They grant scholarships to students, teachers, and researchers from all over the world to study abroad. The company provides opportunities to students from various countries around the world to study in the US. It not only improves relations between the two countries but also brings an exchange of knowledge and skills, which is an essential element for growth. It also ensures competence between the culture of the US and other countries.

Fulbright Foreign Student Programme

Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship 2023

The purpose of the South African Fulbright Foreign Student Program is to provide opportunities for graduates from South African universities to pursue postgraduate-level studies at United States universities.

Prospective students go through a stringent application and interview procedure, and are provided with extensive assistance throughout their journey, which includes aid with visa processing and health insurance, as well as a thorough pre-departure briefing and re-entry session.

The scholarship is not applicable for MBA and studies, including contact with patients. The scholarship provides support to the candidate in terms of:

  • Tuition and fees allowance
  • Allowance for travelling from South Africa to the US destination.
  • Allowance for settling in the US
  • Monthly allowance
  • Health benefits
  • J-1 visa sponsorship
  • Allowance for books and computer

The opportunities provided by the scholarship are:

  • Visiting Student Researcher (non-degree) : It is the programme for candidates who are applying for a research opportunity (PhD) and not a degree study at U.S. University. They will be funded for 1 academic year as a Visiting Student Researcher (VSR).
  • Master’s or PhD: It is a programme for students who want to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in the US. They will be funded for 2 years of study.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the scholarship, the candidate must fulfill all the minimum eligibility criteria required for the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship 2022-23.  All the conditions must be met without any exceptions.

  • The candidate must have South African citizenship or have permanent residency for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Excellent academic records are a must.
  • Scores in English language skills as per the requirement of the field (GRE and TOEFL)
  • Degree requirements are as follows:
    • If the candidate wants to pursue PhD research, they must be registered as a student in a South African University. The registration should continue even when the student is in the US for their academic year of research.
    • If the candidate wants to pursue a Master’s degree, they must have a Bachelor’s degree of 4 years or a BTech degree of 3 years along with an honours degree.
    • If the candidate wants to pursue a doctoral degree, they must have a Master’s degree
  • The candidate must show interest in extracurricular as well as community-related programs.

Along with the above-mentioned points, the candidates must also possess the following qualities:

  • Leadership potential
  • Clear goals in terms of academics
  • Culturally sensitive and willing to familiarise American citizens with South African culture.
  • Goals which include benefits to their country when they return thus fulfilling the purpose of the Fulbright Program.
  • The candidate must be clear about their choice of university and the degree. They must be able to put it in front of the section committee and interview panel with confidence.

How to apply?

Applicants need to complete and submit the online application form to apply for the programme.

The candidates must read the guidelines for the scholarship program before going ahead with the application process. You can read the instructions here.

Interested candidates need to register an account and they can apply after logging in. For registering an account click here.

The candidates who are shortlisted will be contacted within 30 days after the closing date.

Documents Required

The documents required must be submitted with the application itself. Make sure that the copies are clear as the poor quality of the documents will compromise your selection process.

The following documents are needed:

  • The objective of the research or study.
  • Invitation letter from the host (VSR applicants)
  • ID documents or passport biodata page
  • Degree certificates
  • Grades and Transcripts
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A sample of writing (for PhD and MA programs)
  • The page that mentions the interview location
  • Three references
  • A personal statement

All documents are necessary and must be attached to the application form.

Note: All successful candidates will be notified within 30 days of the application deadline. Please consider your application as unsuccessful if you don’t hear by then.

Closing Date

The application process opens on 20 January 2023 and will close by 1 May 2023 so interested candidates must complete the process by then.

Contact Details

If any candidate has a query, they can send it via email at:

Pretoria: fpsa@state.gov
Cape Town: fpsa@state.gov
Johannesburg: MothianeM@state.gov
Durban: KnowlesSD@state.gov

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

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