JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary 2023 – 2024

About JB Marks Education Trust Fund

The JB Marks Education Trust Fund was established in 1997 by the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in honor of the late John Beaver. John Beaver was a political activist and trade unionist who fought against the discriminatory conditions and struggled for national and social liberation, particularly of the miners. From this, the Trust Fund then aims to empower NUM members and their dependents or family members, through educational assistance, especially students who want to pursue a career in mining, energy and construction industry.

The Trust receives the majority of its funding from the Mineworkers Investment Trust (MIT), which enables the Trust to continue to deliver on its objectives.

JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursaries

JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursaries

The JB Marks Education Trust Fund grants bursary to 200 qualified undergraduates and 50 post-graduate students each year to paid-up NUM members or former members (retired, retrenched, disabled or deceased) and their dependents and family members.

Generally, the JB Marks Education Trust Fund provides financial assistance to tertiary and higher education which includes university studies and FET colleges. However, in some instance, the trust fund may also cover grade 10 – 12 students.

The trust fund pays for the registration, tuition and examinations fees as well as textbooks, extra lessons in the form of tutors, meals, accommodation, exchange student programs (if any) and Capacity Building programs expenses.

The bursary may be withheld or terminated and will eventually be refunded if:

  • Students dropped the course study within six months of enrolment
  • Students received another funding aid/bursary

The JB Marks Education Trust Fund also provides support for the bursary holders through the Professional Development Office, in order for the beneficiaries to attain quality results. From the office, the following can be provided for the bursary holders:

  • 20 hours of extra tuition (2 modules per year) available by request
  • Any added expenses relevant and very critical to the student’s course that is not covered by the tuition fees will be granted upon request
  • Academic mentoring
  • Change of course or university may be permitted if the Professional Development Office is contacted first
  • Exit workshop for graduating beneficiaries which does not necessarily mean the end of funding
  • Awards ceremony for bursary holders who have graduated as celebration for their achievement
  • Undergraduate bursary holders who have completed their studies and wish to pursue postgraduate studies in critical fields, should contact the office for the postgraduate bursary

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • Paying and former (retired/disabled/retrenched/deceased) member or official of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) including their dependents
  • Immediate family of a member or official of the NUM
  • In one of the following education levels:
  • Tertiary student who are studying towards a Degree/Diploma/Postgraduate qualification. For Postgraduate applicants, the student must be in the last year of their undergraduate degree. Only the identified critical areas of study will be accepted for post-graduate funding.
  • High school student who is in Grade 10 to Matric
  • Applicants should have no other funding providers

How to Apply and Application Details


Applications must be submitted online at: JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary Application 2024 (Undergraduate)

Submit the following documents together with the application form:

  • Union member/official’s payslip
  • Certified copy of applicant’s most recent academic records
  • Certified ID copies of both the applicant and the union member
  • Acceptance Letter/Application verification letter from the University institution
  • Motivation Letter for post-graduate applicants, with the following additional documents:
    • Acceptance Letter from the university
    • Quotation of fees/student statement of account
    • Latest academic records


Applications are currently closed.

Applications that are e-mailed will be rejected. Only successful applicants will be contacted by the JB Marks office by sending an acceptance letter addressed to the applicants as well as the regional office relevant to the said applicant. If no correspondence is received from JB Marks Education Trust Fund, consider the application as unsuccessful.

Closing Date

Undergraduate students: 1 July 2023.
Postgraduate students: applications are CLOSED (they will reopen in August 2023).

Contact Details

Address: 3rd Floor, Alris Building No. 3 Rissik Street Johannesburg CBD 2001
Post: PO Box 2424 Johannesburg 2001
Phone: +27 11 492 0601
Fax: +27 11 492 0953
Email: info@jbmarksedutrust.co.za

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

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  1. I would like you to help me with your bursary next year I am already accepted from Rosebank college and I have a financial problems I will be happy if you accept my request thank you

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