The Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund 2022 – 2023

About Vulamathuba Empumelelo

Vulamathuba Empumelelo is a part of Communicare, established with the objective to aid in the community and social development of the Communicare tenants and people from the nearby neighborhood. It focuses on skill enhancement through training and development of the Communicare residents and non-residents, creating opportunities for overall economic growth.

Vulamathuba Empumelelo, along with its valued partners, intervenes positively in the lives of Communicare tenants and non-tenants by directing their lives toward economic mobility and self-reliance. It promotes community cohesion through tenant engagements. The elderly and ailing tenants are supported by taking care of their well-being. They are assisted so that they get proper access to all kinds of support services.

The Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund

The Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund 2022 – 2023

Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund is offered to those students who are either Communicare tenants or from a nearby neighbourhood. Those students who have a proven disadvantaged background and have great academic potential benefit from this bursary. Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund 2022 – 2023 targets those students who wish to take up a career in the field that is classified as a rare or critical skill.

The students who are in Grade 12, who have passed Grade 12 or are Undergraduates and are studying in any recognized South African tertiary institution, are eligible for Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund 2022 – 2023.

This bursary is offered to both full-time and part-time students. The expenses which are covered under this bursary are as follows:

  • Registration charges
  • Tuition or Course fees
  • Expenses on Text Books and Study Materials related to the course
  • Examination Fees

Expenses that are not covered under Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund, are:

  • Any loan for previous study expenses
  • Any previous study tuition fees
  • Electronic devices
  • Stationary

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain eligibility criteria that are decided for the students applying for the bursary which are non-negotiable. If you are applying for the bursary then you need to meet all the following criteria. The eligibility criteria are:

  • You must be a South African Citizen, a Permanent Resident or have a Work Visa
  • You need to have either passed Grade 12/Matric or are in the process of completing it
  • If you have completed Grade 12 then you must be studying at the undergraduate level
  • In case you are studying or wish to study than the institution should be a recognized/authorized South African tertiary institution
  • You should be aged between 19 to 50 years
  • You must have taken up studies towards an academic course or gained an artisan qualification
  • If you are applying for the bursary then your gross household income should not be more than R350 000 per annum and you are in need of financial help.
  • To be eligible for this bursary you should be a Communicare tenant or a non-tenant resident staying within Cape Town

How To Apply?

You can apply for the bursary programme by downloading the Application Form. After filling out the form you can submit it either through email or hand-deliver it along to the following addresses:


The subject line for the email application should the first and last names of the applicant.

Hand-delivery address:

Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary Fund
C/O Communicare/Vulamathuba
Block A

Park Lane Office Park
Park Road
Cape Town

Documents Required

There are certain documents that need to be submitted with the application or else your application might not be considered. The list of documents is as follows:

  • Documents related to ID/Passport (certified copy)
  • Documents related to ID/Passport/Birth Certificate of all the family members (certified copy)
  • Matric/Grade 12 certificate (certified copy)
  • Any Document having a record of last academic details (certified copy)
  • A permanent Residency permit or document related to Work Visa is required if you are not a South African Citizen (certified copy)
  • In case parent(s)/guardian(s) are deceased then a death certificate required
  • Documents having residence proof (certified copy)
  • In case you are not financially supported by parent(s) or guardian(s) then a certified copy of the affidavit required
  • If any of your family members are unemployed then also certified copy of the affidavit required
  • In case of any court order related to Administration, Court, Death or Maintenance, a certified copy is required
  • Proof of income for all the earning family members of the last 3 months
  • Bank statements of all the family members for the last 3 months
  • Proof of application or registration in a tertiary institution in case the admission is not completed yet (certified copy)
  • Documents of admission from the institution (certified copy)
  • A motivational essay of 250 words related to your application
  • Marriage certificate in case you are married (certified copy)
  • If you are employed then the latest payslips (certified copy)
  • If you are unemployed then an affidavit is required (certified copy)
  • If you are financially supported by someone who is not your parent or legal guardian then an affidavit is required describing the circumstances (certified copy)

Note: The submitted documents must have been certified within 6 months.

Closing Date

The closing date of Vulamathuba Empumelelo Bursary 2022 is 30 November 2022. You have to apply before the last date, after which no application will be accepted.

Contact Details

In case of any questions or queries regarding this bursary programme you can contact Vulamathuba Empumelelo.

Name of Contact Person: Lebohang Booi
Telephone no: 021 421 6008

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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