Category: Government Bursaries

Masakh’iSizwe (MiS) Bursary 2022

The Masakh’iSizwe Bursary Programme is a collaboration between the Western Cape Government Department of Transport and Public Works, tertiary study institutions, relevant professional structures, and several non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The bursaries are applicable to students wishing to study in the fields of engineering and building science. Masakh’iSizwe translates into “Let’s Build the Nation” and the

Newcastle Municipality Bursary 2021

About Newcastle Municipality Bursary This year, South Africans who reside in Newcastle may apply for the Mayoral Bursary. The Municipality of Newcastle aims to provide wider opportunities for its residents, especially to disadvantaged individuals, so that they can improve their education standard. This will increase their skills and knowledge so they can contribute to creating
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