Gauteng Provincial Treasury Bursary 2024

About Gauteng Treasury

The Gauteng Provincial Treasury Department is a crucial part of the South African Government. It is a pioneer in good governance and fiscal prudence to ensure sure economic and social development of the people across Gauteng, so that all of them may enjoy the highest quality money services in their true value.

The main objective of the department is to become a Treasury that promotes top-class financial support through initiatives such as tight fiscal controls, supported by a zeal for good corporate governance to benefit the stakeholders.

The Department greatly believes in showing respect and is driven by high performance, good work ethics, innovative approach, and being responsible and accountable.

Gauteng Treasury Department is committed to making sure to fund strategies through projects and other sources that are in line with the principles of Batho-Pele and provincial priorities. The department strives to deliver top-notch services to the customers aligned with the principles and Batho-Pele and ensure they are treated with due diligence.

Gauteng Provincial Treasury Bursary

Gauteng Provincial Treasury Bursary 2024

The Gauteng Provincial Treasury is obligated to promote good governance and this is done through offering guidance on all financial matters for the people within Gauteng Province.

The Gauteng Provincial Treasury is inviting candidates to apply for their bursary programme for the academic year 2024. This is for students who attended no-fee schools within Gauteng Province for studies in the following qualifications:

  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Accounting/Management Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Communications/Graphic Designs/Public Relations
  • Internal Auditing
  • Information Technology/Computer Science
  • LLB
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Management / Logistics Management
  • Psychology/Social Work

The bursary will cover tuition fees, registration fees, and allowance for accommodation, meals, and prescribed textbooks.

After successfully completing the degree, students must join the Gauteng Provincial Treasury Internship Programme.

Eligibility Criteria

Students willing to apply for the Gauteng Provincial Treasury Bursary 2024 must abide by these criteria:

  • Matriculants who attended non-fee schools within the Gauteng Province who are willing to pursue a degree in the fields listed above that relate to the GTP may apply
  • Bursary is ONLY for full-time study at a Public Institution of Higher learning within South Africa

Failing to fulfill the above criteria will result in your application being NOT considered.

How to Apply?

Students must download and complete the application form via the following link.

The Gauteng Provincial Treasury Bursary 2024 Application Form

Students must attach a brochure with the application form highlighting the following points:

  • Field of study
  • Latest date of registration
  • Duration of studies
  • Part-time
  • Total cost of tuition, registration, and examination fees

Lastly, students must complete the “Motivation” section in the application form stating the reasons why they are choosing their degree field and sign it along with the support and approval (Signature) of the student’s Parents/Guardian and the School’s Headmaster/Principal.

The student’s school principal’s recommendation will be based upon:

  • Relevance of your chosen qualification with your current field (Commercial subjects)
  • Relevance of your chosen qualification with your future career path
  • Your general conduct and proven academic result statement

Documents Required

Students whose applications are approved must submit the following documents:

  • Sign a contractual agreement with the GTP (Gauteng Provincial Treasury)
  • An invoice for tuition fees
  • Proof of registration
  • Grade 11 report
  • Invoice and lease agreement for their residence
  • ID Copy and SAPS Affidavit of Parents/Guardian
  • Quotation for books from a reputable bookstore

Closing Date

The application deadline is 30 November 2024.

Contact Details

All queries related to the Gauteng Provincial Treasury Bursary 2024 must be directed to:

Ms. Annah Ditle at

Mr. Yanga Mlobeli at

Mr. Lucky Macevele at

Please do not send any queries after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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