Bursaries Closing in December 2023

Getting funding for higher or tertiary education studies is always stressful in South Africa. Especially when you’ve left it to the last minute.

Luckily, there are many companies and organizations out there in South Africa offering a huge amount of funding through bursaries and scholarships each year to help potential students, pay their education costs to build a better South Africa.

To help students find the appropriate bursary program, we have listed below all those bursaries that are still open for the new application opportunity and going to close within December 2023. All listed bursaries’ application process is currently open and ongoing. You can still have a chance to apply to get your education funding!

(If any new bursary programme is found within this month’s deadline, we will update that link later here. Bookmark this page and check back later to see new updates.)

List of all Bursaries closing in December 2023:

(Note: Click on each bursary program link to get all the details. Including bursary requirements, eligibility, application process, contact information etc)

List of Bursaries in South Africa that Open Year Around (No Deadline):

P.S. – It highly advises that students who require funding for their studies should seek out and apply for all available bursary programs in which they meet the eligibility and requirements.

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