Bursaries Closing in May 2024

Attending college and became graduated can be quite expensive for students and their families. Luckily, there are many South African companies and organizations offering bursaries and scholarships to help you pay for your education. Students should seek out and apply for available bursaries in which they meet the eligibility requirements. Here we listed some of the available bursaries that are closing in May 2024.

Bursaries with May 2024 Deadline

You’ll find some bursaries with May due dates in the list below. Students are encouraged to visit each link for further information about eligibility and requirements. These are generally bursaries offered yearly and the exact deadlines are often updated in the year. Be sure to check for any further date changes and other details.

(If any new bursary programme is found within this month’s deadline, we will update it here. So, bookmark this page and check back later to see new updates.)

P.S: Visit each link to get further details about individual bursary program aims, requirements, eligibility, and application process. Usually, most of the bursaries are offered yearly and the exact application deadline is often updated every year. Be sure to check for any further changes in the dates and other details.

It highly advises that students who require funding for their studies should seek out and apply for all available bursary programs in which they meet the eligibility and requirements.


  1. KEABETSWE says:

    I am a south african girl whom is desperately looking for a bursary and that my family is very poor to pay for my fees so plzz i will be gld if you be at my help plzzz and i am interested in studying a short course thank you.

    1. Kindly review all the available bursaries above. If you meet any of the bursary programme’s minimum requirements, please apply for it. If you do meet the requirements, simply follow the application process as shown in the posting. Thanks.

  2. Retinah Mugumbate says:

    These bursary are they open to foreigners especially when the results are best

    1. Only available for South African citizen.

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