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About AgriSETA

AgriSETA was founded as the Sector Education and Training Authority for the agriculture economic sub-sectors by the Skills Development Act of 1998. It is reponsible for the creation and promotion of social, economic and employment opportunities for agribusiness. It covers the agricultural industry through services and activities to the farm.

In terms of skills development, AgriSETA helps in the execution of learning through learnerships, grants and bursaries, skills programmes, adult education and training as well as apprenticeships, internships and mentorships. Accreditation of sector-specific training and education providers as well as the regulation of training standard is also the responsibility of AgriSETA, to ensure quality.

AgriSETA Bursaries

AgriSETA offers bursary programme for learners for full-time or part-time studies at a College, University of Technology or University to help them obtain a formal qualification. Only employed applicants may apply for other fields of study, unemployed applicants may only apply for agricultural related fields.

The bursary value is R39750 for undergraduate and R63600 for postgraduate. Applicants who are employed may only apply for financial support base on their actual education expenses.

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • Unemployed applicants who will be pursuing agricultural related qualifications
  • Employed applicants who will be pursuing qualifications relevant to their work industry
  • Not a recipient of other funding resources from other Government agencies
  • Scarce and critical skills in the agricultural sector will be given priority. For more information about scarce and critical skills, please click here.

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Download and fill up the AgriSETA bursary application form.
  2. Attach certified copies of the following documents:
    • Most recent statement of results/ progress report
    • Latest academic records
    • South African ID
    • Proof of Admission from learning institution
    • Proof of contract between the learner and the employer, for employed applicants
    • 2018 Examination results
    • Tax Clearance Certificate and Tax Compliance Status Verification PIN
  3. Send your applications through email at:

Opening & Closing Date

31 October 2018

Contact Details

Address: AgriSeta House, 529 Belvedere Road, Arcadia, 0083
Post: PO Box 26024, Arcadia, 007
Tel: + 27 (0) 12 301 5600
Fax: + 27 (0) 12 325 1677/325 1624

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