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About the South African Association of Botanists

The South African Association of Botanists (SAAB) was founded to promote and develop Botany. It aims to support and sustain the state of this industry in all sectors of the population. The association promotes diversity and is committed to removing any restrictions to the practice of the profession.

SAAB represents various academic botanical disciplines and its members are located at different South African universities and academic and research institutions. Members are actively involved in various aspects related to botany in their home institutions.

The association has an active organization of student members who are encouraged to participate in the annual congress. Students who attended the SAAB Conference become automatic members of SAAB and receive the SAABNet emails for the year in which they participated in the congress. SAABnet serves as the communication medium for SAAB matters. Only subscribed members will be able to send and receive emails via SAABNet.

South African Association of Botanists Scholarship

The South African Association of Botanists grants SAAB Scholarships to SADEC graduates with 70% or above grade average every year. For the upcoming academic year, three awards of R15 000 for 1 year of tertiary study at Honours level (or 4th year/MSc level of study) in any botanically-related science, on a competitive basis. This will only be given to learners studying at a South African institution and who are a member or applying to become a member of SAAB. The applicant’s supervisor must be a paid-up member of SAAB.

The SAAB Council also gives one MSc scholarship worth R50 000 each year which is subject to satisfactory academic progress of the recipient. Applicants will receive half in the first year (R25 000) and the second half the following year provided satisfactory progress is made in the first year. Applicants must have graduated with a BSc Honours degree with a minimum grade average of 70% and be in their first year of MSc study. The bursary awardee will receive a complimentary SAAB membership for two years.

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South African Association of Botanists Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

  • South African citizen
  • Graduated with a BSc/MSc  Honours degree with a minimum grade average of 70%
  • Applicants should study any botanically related science at a South African institution
  • Should be or apply to become a member of SAAB
  • Supervisor of the student must be a paid-up member of SAAB

How to Apply and Application Details

SAAB scholarship applications must be submitted online at SAAB Scholarship Application Form 2024

Please submit clear copies of all the documents mentioned below along with your application form:

  1. Curriculum Vitae with names of two referees
  2. Motivation letter from the applicant’s honours/4th-year/MSc project supervisor
  3. A certified copy of your academic transcript
  4. One page motivation letter which includes a description of the applicant’s honours/4th-year/MSc research interests

Late applications will not be considered. Successful candidates will be informed by mid-March of the current academic year.

Opening & Closing Date

Masters students: 28 February 2024.
Honours students: 31 March 2024.

Contact Details

For any queries related to this scholarship programme, please contact the South African Association of Botanists directly:

Application queries Email:

Academic enquiries:

Prof Adeyemi Aremu

Please do not send any queries after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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