Intra Africa Mobility Agribusiness and Food System Funding 2023

About the TAFSA Program

The European Union (EU) funds the Intra-Africa Mobility to Train Agribusiness and Food System Scientists for African Agriculture (TAFSA) Program.

The 5 African Universities run the TAFSA Program viz. University of Pretoria (South Africa), Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique), Makerere University (Uganda), Gulu University (Uganda), and University of Abomey Calavi (Benin).

The main objective of the TAFSA Program is to improve and promote synergetic cooperation between the specific Agricultural Universities in Africa. The TAFSA project supports these universities in their research work and training of knowledgeable and skillful individuals. This will help contribute to the improvement of agribusiness and food systems to eradicate malnutrition, poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity.

Intra Africa Mobility Agribusiness And Food System Funding 2023

Intra Africa Mobility Agribusiness and Food System Funding 2023

The TAFSA Project executes staff mobility and student training programs to contribute towards:

  • Improvement of students’ skills and competencies to increase their employability
  • Improvement of quality of Higher Education in Africa and its relevance to the country’s development vision.
  • Build strong research collaboration and partnerships amongst African higher education institutions.

The TAFSA Program offers training for up to 40 Fellowships (29 Masters and 11 Ph.D. students) in food security, nutrition, agribusiness, consumer science, agricultural economics, and agricultural policy areas.

  • Of these 40 fellowships, 13 (10 MSc, 3 Ph.D.) are short-term credit-seeking mobility.
  • 27 (19 MSc, 8 PhDs) are degree-seeking mobility.

In 2021, TAFSA’s first round of calls selected 8 fellows (4 MSc, 4 PhDs) for degree-seeking mobility, and the second round also granted degree-seeking mobility to 8 fellows (7 MSc, 1 Ph.D.).

In 2023, TAFSA conducts a third round of calls to select 11 fellows (8 MSc, 3PhDs). The Scholarship Package of the TAFSA Project covers monthly stipends, travel costs, tuition fees, insurance, and Research associated costs.

Target Beneficiaries:

For the TAFSA scholarship, beneficiaries are divided into two TGs (Target Groups):

  • TG-I: Staff and students from countries hosting the TAFSA project viz. Uganda, South Africa, Benin, and Mozambique. To qualify for this group, the applicant must be either currently studying (credit seeking) or a former student (degree seeking) of a participating university.
  • TG-II: Students from other African countries. Students from conflict-affected or underprivileged countries such as Liberia, Mali, Burundi, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone will be prioritized.

TG-II students are recruited successfully as per requirements; hence this call is for Target Group- I.

Eligibility Criteria

Below given are the eligibility criteria for TAFSA Program:

  • Those applying for a Master’s degree must have a Bachelor’s degree of a minimum second class or equivalent standing from an accredited university.
  • Those applying for a Ph.D. degree must hold a Master’s degree from an accredited university in a field that’s relevant to the area of Ph.D. studies in the respective university.
  • Must be willing to study in a university outside their home country.
  • Proof that the applicant is from an eligible country.
  • Must fulfill all TG-I requirements
  • Submits the application form before the deadline with the necessary documents that are legible and official.
  • Students considered for training may require language proficiency.
  • The application is in the language of instruction for that host country or institution:

– English for Uganda, South Africa
– Portuguese for Mozambique
– French for Benin

How to Apply?

  • Apply for admission to a participating University Program of choice under the TAFSA Project.
  • Apply for TAFSA Scholarship when you receive admission or/and evidence of application for admission.
  • Download and fill out the application form and submit it via email to the project coordination office viz. and copy to the coordinator of the participating institute, i.e.,
  • Download application forms from Read the TAFSA advert for more details.

Closing Date

The last date for application submission is 30 April 2023.

Contact Details

Hosting Universities

  1. Gulu University 

Dr. Walter Odongo

Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Gulu University
P. O. Box: 166, Gulu (Uganda)
Tel: +256 777036100​​​​​​​

  1. University of Abomey-Calavi

Pelagie Agbobatinkpo
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
School of Nutrition and Food Science and Technology
University of Abomey-Calavi
P.O box: 03 BP Jericho, Cotonou
Tel: +229 65420677/+22997676546

  1. Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) Coordinator

Prof. Nícia Givá
Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering (FAEF)
Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM)
Main Campus
P.O Box 257
Tel: +258 21492177/8
Fax: +258 21492176

  1. Makerere University

Dr. Jackline Bonabana
Department of Agribusiness and Natural Resource Economics
School of Agricultural Sciences
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences(CAES)
Makerere University
P.O Box 7062, Kampala(Uganda)
Tel: +256 899799

  1. University of Pretoria

Dr. Lise Korsten
Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
University of Pretoria
Private Bag X20
Tel : +27 (0)12 420 3295,
Fax : +27 (0)12 420 4588
Cell: +27 (0)79 522 8476

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