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Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa Bursary 2021 – 2022

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) Bursaries Each year,  Ford bursaries will be granted to students who wish to pursue studies within the fields of Finance, Marketing, Purchasing, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology. Bursary students also have the chance to join the Graduate Trainee Program once they graduated. For more information about the Graduate

ABSIP Bursary 2021 – 2022

About ABSIP The ABSIP or Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals, was established in 1995 to empower black professionals and black business across the financial industry. The association has grown and has included sub-sectors such as Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, Corporate Managerial and Financial Consulting, Employee Benefits, Insurance, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Private