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Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship 2022

The SAAFoST Foundation provides 2 scholarships in honor of Professor B H Koeppen, head of the Department of Food Science at Stellenbosch University. The 2 programs under the Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship are a Master’s degree and a doctorate degree. Under this bursary program, students can study at the tertiary institutes that the organization specifies

Stellenbosch University: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarships 2022

Stellenbosch University has formed a partnership with the W. Mellon foundation to provide full-time scholarships to aspiring candidates towards Master’s or Ph.D. studies. The scholarship is named “Turning the tide” and is available 100% for research studies in any of the fields with the faculty of Arts and Social Science at Stellenbosch University.

UCT: Harry Crossley Foundation Research Fellowships 2022

The UCT: Harry Crossley Foundation Research Fellowship programme is for postgraduate students. It is available for Honours, Master's, Doctoral degree studies. The foundation accepts all the fields of study with two exceptions: Religious Studies and Political Studies. For the academic year 2022, any student registering for the first year at the University of Cape Town

Ada & Bertie Levenstein Bursaries 2022

The Ada & Bertie bursary program is specifically aimed at assisting those students who belong to a poor background and lack resources to continue their tertiary education. Such students who are talented and have an inclination towards studies shall receive help through this bursary program. They will get a chance to pursue their education at
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