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ABSA Fellowship Programme 2022

ABSA Fellowship Programme The ABSA Fellowship programme provides bursary support to top-performing students as they pursue their qualifications. Moreover,  ABSA considers the programme as more than just providing bursary or scholarship assistance. Beneficiaries are expected to be active participants in molding communities, promoting sustainability, and bringing possibilities to life in the most non-traditional way. Moreover, 

Tomorrow Trust Tertiary Bursary 2022

About Tomorrow Trust Tomorrow Trust is a non-profit, South African organization working to empower orphaned and vulnerable children with the help of holistic education. The group supports these children’s academics and imparts life skills and self-development in the hope of helping them achieve their full potential as proactive, self-sustaining South African citizens.   Tomorrow Trust

SANZAF Zakah Bursary 2021

About SANZAF The South African National Zakáh Fund (SANZAF) aims to help empower families in need. The organization is a socio-welfare and faith-based institution that collects and efficiently distribute wealth to support the Islamic community. SANZAF Bursaries SANZAF Zakah Bursary intends to improve moral / ethical issues of the applicant and the applicant’s family. The priority

Professional Provident Society (PPS) Bursary 2021 – 2022

PPS Bursaries The Professional Provident Society or PPS Foundation was founded in 2016 with the main purpose of improving involvement to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields as well as to contribute to the sustainable development of South African communities. PPS Foundation award bursaries to financially deserving students who with superior academic achievements in the fields

SAPSET Bursary South Africa 2021 – 2022

About SAPSET The South African Police Service (SAPS) founded the South African Police Service Education Trust (SAPSET) to provide financial assistance to the children of SAPS employees who passed away in the line of duty by covering the costs of their educational needs.   SAPSET Bursaries SAPSET financial assistance will be paid directly to the accredited