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The Technical and Vocational Education and Training College (Westcol) is a public institution run by the Department of Higher Educational Training. The institution is located in Gauteng’s West Rand and aims to give students a high-quality education as well as the qualifications and skills they need to start their careers.

Their objective is to “offer relevant and accessible quality education, training, and development opportunities via creative cooperation that benefits consumers, communities, and country.” Their vision is to be your innovative worldwide partner in lifelong learning.

Westcol has five campuses, all of which are located in Westrand, Gauteng, and provide a variety of programs:

  • In Randfontein, the Randfontein Campus is located at 9 Kiewiet Street. What is the location of Randfontein? Randfontein is a gold mining town in Gauteng, South Africa’s West Rand.
  • The campus of Carletonville is located at 20 South Street in Carletonville.
  • The campus of Westcol Krugersdorp is located at 32 Von Brandis Street in Krugersdorp.
  • Krugersdorp – West Magaliesburg Campus is located on Stand 2, Dr. Schoeman Street, Ga Mohale, Magaliesburg and is located at 69 Fleming Avenue. Krugersdorp – West Magaliesburg Campus is located on Stand 2, Dr. Schoeman Street, Ga Mohale, Magaliesburg.

About Westcol College

Westcol College is a public FET college that offers courses and certificates in a variety of fields, including:

  • Hairdressing
  • Engineering
  • Business administration
  • Tourism

The Department of Higher Education and Training runs Western Technical and Vocational Education and Training College, also known as Westcol Technical and Vocational Education and Training College.

Due to a new partnership, Westcol TVET College now offers a range of National Certificates in Business and Engineering, with the goal of providing clients, communities, and the country with relevant, high-quality, and accessible education, training, and development opportunities.

Exam Centers may accommodate students from a range of fields and are placed throughout campus. Is WestCol College a public or a private institution?

Westcol is a global leader in the field of lifelong learning. They deliver relevant and accessible quality education, training, and development opportunities to our clients, communities, and country through innovative teamwork.

Why Would You Use The Westcol Student Portal? 

A learner participating in an online certification program can utilize a student portal to access online course materials maintained on the school’s servers, such as:

  • Articles
  • Lectures
  • Videos

The Westcol Student Portals contains information about the different campuses, special events, details about your course, semester calendars, academic resources, and contact information.

The Westcol Tvet College student portal can also be linked to other systems to give students convenient access to personal information such as bursary awards and school medical insurance.

The above-mentioned value of the Westcol Tvet College student portal should not be overlooked. You can use the Westcol TVET student portal for the following actions: 

  • Checking your semester result; 
  • Viewing your Westcol Tvet College Admission status and printing your admission letter; 
  • Westcol Tvet College Course Registration; 
  • Westcol Tvet College Fees Payment; 
  • Paying the acceptance fee
  • Viewing a transcript from Westcol Tvet College;
  • Keeping up with the academic calendar for the year as well as your semester;
  • Extra credit hour requests; admissions deferment, and so on.

Who Is Eligible To Use The Westcol TVET College Student Portal? 

Below are the people that are able to gain access to the student portal: 

  • Students who are interested in attending
  • Students in their first year
  • Returning and or Continuing Students
  • Teachers/lecturers who want to send information to students 

Westcol Student Portal

How Can You Login To The Student Portal For Westcol TVET College?

  1. First, you are going to need to open up your web browser to your specific search engine.  
  2. Visit https://westcol.coltech.co.za for more information.
  3. You will need to enter the correct username and correct password to gain access to the portal. 
  4. All academic activities will be available to you once you log in.

Westcol TVET Student Portal Login Troubleshoots

  • Make sure Caps Lock is turned on or off.
  • Your browser needs to be cleared of cookies and cache.
  • Before you try to enter your student portal again, make sure your internet connection is active and your device is connected.
  • Use a VPN only when absolutely necessary.

Are You Able To Reset And Change Your Password?

To answer this question, yes, you are able to reset your password if you have accidentally forgotten it. 

By entering a valid email address or your valid username, you can reset your password. If your email address is located in the database, you will receive an email with information on how to regain access. 

How To Reset Your Password

  1. Visit the portal’s web page.
  2. Put your student ID number here.
  3. You will find a menu that will drop down with different options, click on “Request A PIN.”
  4. Your PIN will be sent to your student email address.
  5. To access your email, use your student number as the username and your date of birth (e.g. dd/mm/yyyy) as the password.
  6. Return to the website and use the PIN you received in your email to log in.

Westcol Contact Information 

Street address: 42 Johnstone Street, RANDFONTEIN

Postal address: P/Bag X17, RANDFONTEIN 1760

Telephone number: 011 692 4004/82

Fax: 011 692 3404

Email: info@westcol.co.za

GPS: -26.170438,27.709113 


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