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Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship 2022

Many esteemed institutions in South Africa have been providing bursaries to deserving students to help them secure a career for themselves. Through such programs, the organizations aim to encourage and support the youth of the nation to prosper and take the economy ahead. One such bursary is the Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship which is provided

Stellenbosch University: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarships 2022

Aspiring students ­have a wonderful opportunity to accomplish their dreams of studying at South Africa University through the bursary programs offered here. By offering scholarships to deserving and passionate students, many Universities in South Africa are encouraging students to pursue their dream careers and take the nation towards a bright future. About Stellenbosch University Stellenbosch

University of Johannesburg: W&RSETA Bursary 2022

Having educated youth in the nation brings about unparalleled success and prosperity. It is thus important to provide all the necessary assistance to passionate students and help them to achieve their academic goals. South African Universities and institutions provide bursaries to deserving students and help them to pursue their education. About W&RSETA & University of

Ada & Bertie Levenstein Bursaries 2022

There has been an acute shortage of skilled individuals in South Africa. To bridge this gap, several institutions offer scholarships to deserving students. Bursaries help students to pursue their education in the desired field of study and make a bright future. One such bursary program is offered by Rhodes University known as the Ada &

UJ Online Application 2022 – University of Johannesburg

UJ Online Applications are open for Undergraduates until 30 September 2021. There is no application fee for online applications (there is only a R200 fee if you are applying with the manual paper-based application). Applicants will need to meet the minimum requirements of recognised National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Independent Examinations Board (IEB) subjects for the field
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