CUT Status Check-Central University of Technology Application

If you have applied the Central University of Technology you be interested to see if your application has been accepted! We look at the CUT status check and explain the different status codes for your application.

CUT (Central University of Technology) is the leading higher education institution in South Africa’s heartland. The Central University of Technology has two campuses, one in Bloemfontein, South Africa’s judicial capital, and the other in Welkom, the Free State’s goldfields. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); management sciences; humanities; and education are only a few of the technological subjects offered at the two campuses.

The Central University of Technology is currently at the forefront of research and innovation, making it a leader in the use of additive manufacturing (AM) for the design and production of bespoke medical implants in South Africa. The university is also well-known for its technology transfer research, which includes: 

The institution has SARChI designation in the field of Medical Product Development through AM, as well as a Department of Science and Innovation (DSI)/Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA)-funded Chair in Innovation and Commercialization of AM.

Dr. Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology will also launch the MEDADD (Medical Device Additive Manufacturing Technology Demonstrator Project) at the Bloemfontein campus (postponed due to COVID-19). This R71 million DSI-funded project will bring together the university’s center and industry to plan and invest resources in a collaborative manner to develop the local medical device industry using AM technology, and to reduce the country’s reliance on expensive imported medical devices that local hospitals cannot afford. This is only a minor part of the university’s effort in this area. 

How view your CUT Status Check

Step 1: 

Go to to verify the status of your Central University of Technology (CUT) application.

Step 2:

 Click the “Check” button after entering the User ID and Password.


Once you have clicked on the check button, you will receive a status code. Below, we will explain the cut status check code to you. If you are still unsure, you can contact the university and ask for more information regarding your status. 

CUT Status Code Explained

ASelected for the educational program (Bloemfontein campus senior students)
BYour HESA/SAQA information is outstanding
CApplication has been canceled 
DNo decision – senior students – educational program
EPostgraduate conditionally accepted pending required qualification
GAdmission to the instructional program (all campuses – new students)
HAccepted based on Prior Learning Recognition (RPL)
IWaiting list for instructional programs (selection test required: interview); see for further information.
KNot chosen for an educational program: There are no prerequisites for this course.
LSee for the instructional program waiting list (selection test; no interview).
NNo choice – new students – educational curriculum
OThere is no decision in the instructional curriculum. — After the deadline
PNot chosen for an educational program: Final selection failed
QAcceptance for the instructional program (new students – ALL campuses) on a provisional basis.
RInterview as part of the educational program (Marketing)
SSee for Project Management selection testing.
TProgram of instruction (Provisionally accepted International)

NB: Selection conditions have been met, but permission, passport, and medical aid requirements must be met.

UYour results are outstanding 
WYou have been waitlisted 
XUnsuccessful in terms of the educational program: Inadequate marks 
ZNot accepted into the educational program (alternative choice)
2ECP (Extended Curriculum Program) — a failure
5Selection of prospective students for the Extended Curriculum Program (ECP)
7 Selection test – Language practice
8Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in education should apply. 

Application Feedback For The Central University of Technology 

  • You should allow four to six weeks for feedback after submitting your application.
  • You can check the status of your application using the online system.

Contact Information 

  • Bloemfontein Campus:
    +27 (0) 51 507 3911
  • Welkom Campus:
    +27 (0) 57 910 3500

The Registrar
Central University of Technology, Free State
Private Bag X20539
Republic of South Africa


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