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If you plan to begin your higher education at North West University, you should become familiar with their learning management system which is known as eFundi. In this article, we will be looking at how you can access the learning management system as well as a few troubleshooting issues you might be experiencing, and what you need to access the site.  

What Is eFundi?

North West University uses the eFundi learning management system (NWU). It is how you access all of your modules, according to the website of the higher learning institution.

eFundi is used by lecturers to communicate with students, distribute study materials, and give evaluations. This is how you may get eFundi, which is simple to use and available online.

What Do You Need To Have Access To eFundi?

There are only two tools you need to gain access to the eFundi site, namely: 

  1. You will need an Internet connection. If you are using a cell phone or router, you will need airtime or data to gain access to the internet. 
  2. For internet access, you need a web browser which is a piece of software on your computer, laptop, or cell phone that gives you access to the site.

How to use the eFundi Login? 

Below are nine steps you need to take in order to access the efundi login for the North West University learning management system. 

  1. Launch your web browser. The system demands that you use the most recent version of your browser.
  2. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best results.
  3. Click or put efundi.nwu.ac.za in the address area (where you usually see a website URL).
  4. On your keyboard, press the enter key.
  5. The login page for eFundi will appear.
  6. A button labeled “Login” can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the computer screen. Simply click on it.
  7. You’ll now be prompted to enter your Username and Password.
  8. Fill in your NWU student number in the Username field.
  9. The Login button will appear for you to click on it. 

Log in with your username (your 8-digit NWU student number) and password if you’re a first-time user.

Initially, your password will be your South African identification number followed by “@Nwu.” This password for international students (including Namibian students) is your passport number followed by “@Nwu,” for example, 9103265869028@Nwu. Your password will expire in 90 days. You will either need to change your password before this time or obtain a new password.

How To Change Your Password

Click Reset Password on the eFundi main page (before logging in). To acquire a new password, click the link and enter the following information into the system: Student ID or passport number, as well as your phone number or email address.

Your password will be issued to you through SMS or email if this information matches what is in your academic record. (The response time depends on your network.) If any of your information is incorrect, please visit Academic Administration to correct it. Please update your existing password to something that only you will easily remember.

If You Need To Access A Module, This Is How You Can Do It

On the purple navigation bar, select the tab for your site or module. Once you’ve entered the site, the selected tab will turn grey. Module names and codes fluctuate from program to program. Note: If the site/module you’re looking for isn’t listed in the purple tab, use the Sites dropdown menu to see what’s missing. Please note that on the left-hand side of the screen, each module has a tool menu. Every menu item is referred to as a tool. 

eFundi Login Troubleshoots

If you are having issues logging into your portal, try the following troubleshoots before going to your IT department for help.

  • Make sure Caps Lock is off or on depending on your password and site you wish to access.
  • Cookies and cache must be deleted from your browser.
  • Make sure your internet connection is functioning and your device is connected before attempting to access your student portal again.
  • Only use a VPN if absolutely essential.

If You Need Further Help on eFundi

Refer to the Help function in the tools bar for further information about eFundi tools. You can also visit the Contact us area on the eFundi Login page (before you log in) for eFundi Tutorials, FAQs, and helpline contact information. If that does not answer your questions, you can contact the Unit for Distance Learning site through email distancepotch@nwu.ac.za or 018 285 5900.

You are also able to visit the IT Walk-in Services for on-campus students at the Potchefstroom Campus (Building F20). 

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