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MyExams Unisa is an online platform created for UNISA students. Students can now write their exams, get exam results and submit assignments via the portal. Furthermore, students will be able to have access to the website anywhere and at any time. UNISA strives to improve its online accessibility, which is why they have created this platform.

In this article we discuss how the myExams Unisa Login works. Additionally, we will discuss how students can get access to this platform.

How to access and login to myExams Unisa Portal

It’s important to view your examination timetable before getting started. Each timetable should have a link along with a module code. This allows students to view the guidelines of each module. Thereafter, students should visit the UNISA portal.

Important Note: The Unisa Library’s services can only be accessed with an active myUnisa password. Students can visit to get their passwords.

How to login at myExams Unisa

  1. Visit
  2. Next, click on Login
  3. Thereafter, you will be asked to enter your username and password.
  4. Click enter and you will get redirected to your profile
  5. If you have forgotten your password you can click on “forgot password”.

myExams UNISA Portal Login

It’s important to access your exam 15 minutes prior to when the exam begins. Furthermore, students will require internet connectivity to download their exam question papers.

1. Download the exam

Firstly, students will need to download their exam papers. This can be done by visiting
Next, students will be redirected to a link that allows them to log in and go to MyExams. Alternatively, students can visit the MyExams Unisa portal directly.

Next, find the exam date and click on it to find a list of module codes for the day. Thereafter, click on the module code that is scheduled for you.

2. Login and access the exam

Students will then need to log in once they have found the module code applicable to them. Thereafter, they will need to enter their myUnisa credentials, this is their UNISA student number and password.

Next, view the horizontal navigation bar and click on the name of the specific examination. Then, access the eAssessment tool on the left navigation menu. Lastly, download the examination paper and the additional resources attachment.

3. Complete the answers

Students can then begin the exam after downloading the examination papers. This can be done by either filling out the answers on a computer or hand-written on paper. It’s important to note that all answers will have to be submitted on a PDF document. Furthermore, students do not need to be online while they complete the exam.

4. Prepare to upload

After completing the exam students will need to prepare to upload their answers. Typed out answers need to be PDF formatted. Additionally, hand-written answers will need to be scanned and uploaded in PDF format. Ensure that all handwriting is clean and easy to read.

5. Upload answers

First, visit the MyExams Unisa portal and log in with your credentials. Next, click on the examination site located on the horizontal navigation bar. Click on the “eAssessment” tool in the left navigation bar. Thereafter, select the “Assessment Title” you want to upload. A new page will open. Here, you will need to scroll down to “Submission”. Upload your PDF document as an attachment. Lastly, tick the “Honor Pledge” box and submit the exam.

6. Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation message after you have successfully submitted your exam. Moreover, it’s important to take a screenshot of the confirmation message. This will ensure that you have a record of uploading your exam.

Students can also opt-in to receive email notifications. This will allow them to keep track of all their confirmations.


MyExam Unisa portal is an easy-to-use interface that students can access. It allows students to submit exams, assignments and also view results. It’s important that students familiarize themselves with the interface beforehand.

Students will need to ensure that all documents that are uploaded are in order. If a document is poorly scanned students will risk failing. Furthermore, corrupt files will also result in failure. All exam answers need to be compiled into one PDF document. Additionally, the PDF document cannot exceed 20MB. Students also have the option to preview their documents before submitting them. This will allow them to review their work before actually submitting it.

To sum it up, the MyExam Portal is a convenient way in which students can take exams. Moreover, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, allowing students flexibility and easy access to their studies.

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