NWU Online Application – North-West University 2023

The North-West University (NWU) Admission Management has released the Online Application Form for the Academic year 2023. The school now accepts applications from interested and qualified candidates for NWU admission for 2022/2023.

The general requirements for applications at NWU are that candidates must have a higher certificate with an APS of 15 at least, a diploma with an APS of 18 at least, and a bachelor’s degree with an APS of 21 at least.

How to complete the NWU Online Application

  1. Get a Student Number
      1. Go to the online application platform 
      2. Click on New application
      3. Click on Create new student number and complete all the fields
  2. Log in
    1. When you receive a student number, use that together with the PIN number you created to log in.
  3. Decide what you want to Study
    1. Complete all the fields. Use the yearbooks to obtain more information about the qualifications, modes of delivery and curricula.
  4. Upload Support Documents
  5. Submit Application

See more details about how to apply online in the video below:

What is the North-West University application form?

NWU offers various Application Forms 2022 categories for prospective applicants. The NWU Undergraduate Application Form 2022/2023 and postgraduate Admission Application Form 2022/2023 are now available online.

How do I apply as an undergraduate? 

To apply as an undergraduate student, follow these steps:

  • Check the regular programmes offered
  • Find out the general requirements for entry
  • Learn how to apply

How do I apply as a postgraduate?

To apply as an undergraduate student, follow these steps:

  • Verify the Programmes Offered
  • Check if you meet all of the general requirements for entry
  • Learn how to apply



If you plan to submit application to NWU, do so before the closing date as indicated by the Administrative body of the school.


How do I check my NWU admission status for 2022/2023?

After you submit your NWU Application Form 2022/2023 successfully, you must check your admission status. The NWU Admission Status shows your progress towards admission. You can access this information from the online portal. You can also contact the Admissions Office to find out your NWU application status. You can even find this information on the North-West University Student Portal.

On the application status, you will find out if your application was a success and other relevant information. Although the admission status is already proof that you got accepted as a candidate, you can now wait and see if your name appears on the admission list. Some sites will provide your admission status on their online portals, but if you can’t, reach out to the admission letters or list to find out.


What is the North-West University application deadline for 2022/2023?

NWU has already decided on the Schedule for 2022/2023 Admissions. Take note of the important dates to avoid getting penalized for applying after the NWU closing date 2022/2023. Although they do make some exceptions for candidates who apply before the Application Deadline.

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