Stellenbosch University Online Application

Stellenbosch University released its Postgraduate and Undergraduate Application Forms for the Academic Season 2022-2023.

How do I apply for the Stellenbosch University online application form online in 2022?

Following these steps to allow you to access the Stellenbosch University Application 2022 Form:

  • First, you need to have an email address for the application process.
  • If you’re a citizen of South Africa, you need your ID number. For foreign applicants, they must provide their passport number.
  • After receiving your student number from Stellenbosch University, you must give your payment for the application fee.
  • You should scan the required documents according to the instructions.


How do I apply to Stellenbosch University?

You can use the online portal for the Stellenbosch University Application Form for different programmes. Before you start accomplishing the application form, it’s recommended to first go through the SUN Prospectus to gain an understanding of the process and the university and how they work. Click the link that represents your study level to access the online application. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Before Applying

Make sure that you understand the SUN Admission Policy and the admission/selection criteria of the various faculties before you apply. You can find information about the criteria, guidelines, and policy on the official website. You can also contact the SUN Client Service at +27-21-808-9111 or send them an email to Postgraduate students can visit the official website too.

  • Step 2: Find Out the Closing Dates

Here are the important dates to remember:

1 April: Applications for SUN financial assistance will open.

30 June: Applications for all of the undergraduate programmes will close.

30 June: Applications for all of the residence applications will close.

1 August: Applications for the NSFAS bursaries will open.

31 August: Applications for the SUN financial assistance will close.

30 November: Applications for the NSFAS bursaries will close.

15 December: Applications for Diploma in Public Accountability (Telematic Education) will close.

For a complete list of all the closing dates for postgraduate programmes offered for the intake year 2021, visit the Perspective Postgraduate Student website.

Closing dates for financial assistance aren’t decided yet but applications are for SUN financial assistance are already closed.

  • Step 3: Learn More By Clicking the Application Button

Undergraduate Application Form PDF

Postgraduate Application Form 2021


What are the SUN application fees for 2022?

Click here to learn more about the SUN application fees for 2022.

How to submit results and documents for SUN application in 2022?

When you submit your documents, make sure to include your Grade 11 and your most recent Grade 12 results. Not including these may lead to a delay in your application process. Make sure that all of the documents you attach are certified copies of the original documents.

What are the general admission requirements?

Getting admitted to SUN depends on whether you meet the admission requirements for the qualification you have chosen. If you don’t meet the requirements, consider alternative qualifications or apply for an extended programme that enables you to register in your 1st year for limited modules.

Students who finished Grade 12 at the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) School of Tomorrow cannot get accepted at SUN. Also, some SUN qualifications have few slots available. Meeting the specific or general admission requirements for a specific qualification won’t guarantee that you will get chosen for the academic year.


What is the closing date of the SUN application in 2022?

It’s important to know the closing dates for the school you want to apply to. Applying after the set deadline might prevent you from getting admitted.


Should I opt for online or postage/courier? 

Some universities make use of an online system for applications, while others accept hard copies only. Some accept both. Consider this when you begin the process of application.


What exam results do I need for the SUN application in 2021?

Your marks on your Grade 11 are very important when applying. Some universities allow June marks for Matric, so prepare these too.


How do I get financial aid for SUN application in 2022?

If the income of your family is below a specific bracket, you may qualify. For this, you need a separate form. You also need a payslip for your parent or guardian for proof.


What else should I provide?

If you’re currently enrolled in Matric, you need to submit your school activity details and school marks. If you have a gap year in your records, you need to provide working or travelling details.


What are the necessary documents for SUN application 2022?

You’ll need:

  • A certified copy of an ID
  • A certified copy of your parent or guardian’s ID
  • A certified copy of the latest payslip
  • A certified copy of proof of residence
  • A certified copy of exam results


Why should you check all of your details?

Accomplish the application form carefully, then double-check all of your details before you submit online. When accomplishing a hardcopy, use a pencil before you fill it out with a pen.


How do I pay the application fee?

Find out the exact amount required, then or pay it through the bank or EFT. Never post your payment. If required, send proof of payment to the university.


Who needs to sign the declaration?

Go through the form to ensure that all of your details are correct and true. Then you should sign it along with your parent or guardian.


How do I know if I am accepted?

You will receive a formal letter or email notifying you about your acceptance. Just keep continue working hard and make sure to pay the initial minimum payment before the deadline.

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