Stellenbosch University Prospectus

The prospectus for the upcoming academic year at Stellenbosch University is available online. Before moving on to the Stellenbosch University Application, prospective undergraduate and graduate students should review the SUN prospectus.

The undergraduate and postgraduate Prospectus has been made available by the Stellenbosch University’s Committee in Charge of Admissions and is downloadable in PDF for individuals who wish to apply.

Everything at the university is governed by the Stellenbosch University (SUN) Prospectus. The prospectus contains the course schedule, entrance requirements, and details on how to apply for admission.

Stellenbosch Admission Requirements 

Please read over the terms and conditions for new applicants and the Stellenbosch University admissions policy.

What are the minimum academic requirements for a bachelor’s degree?

  • 30% for a South African Language of Learning and Teaching (English or Afrikaans), and
  • an achievement rating of 4 (50% – 59%) in four 20-credit subjects.

How do you calculate your National Senior Certificate average?

Best scores in 20-credit subjects, excluding Life Orientation, Advanced Mathematics, Mathematics 3, and any other non-NSC subjects, plus highest score in Language of Learning and Teaching (Eng or Afr). Next, divide the sum by 6.

How does Stellenbosch assess international qualifications?

  • ​Final school grades for the International Curriculum, including School of Tomorrow (Cambridge International, International Baccalaureate, etc.).
  • For information on what is needed for international curricula, click here. (GCSE/IGCSE/O-levels, A-levels, AS-levels, IB diploma)
  • Additionally, you must fulfill any additional prerequisites for the program(s) of your choice as listed in the program outlines under the various faculties.

Click here to download the Minimum Admission Requirements for-intake​

Stellenbosch University Prospectus Downloads

  1. Stellenbosch Undergradeuate Prospectus
  2. Stellenbosch Postgraduate Prospectus

Stellenbosch University Contact Details

All Enquiries / Client Services​021 808 9111
​Academic Affairs Council (AAC)​021 808 2493/2491
​Admissions​021 808 9111
​Bursaries and Loans​021 808 9111
​Campus Health Services​021 808 3494/3496
​Cape Institute for Agricultural Training: Elsenburg​021 808 5453
​Centre for Student Communities (CSC)021 808 2848
​Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD)​021 808 4707
​Centre for Student Leadership and Structures (CSLS)​021 808 2312
​Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice (CSRC)021 808 4709​
​Centre for Student Recruitment (CSR)​021 808 4709
​Communication and Liaison​021 808 4977
​Facilities Management​021 808 4666
​Language Centre​021 808 2167
​Library Enquiries​021 808 4883
​MAD² Office​021 808 3632
​Maties Sport​021 808 4941/4642
​Ombudsman​082 807 2994
​Prim Committee​021 808 2493/2491
​Risk Management and Campus Security​021 8084666
​Social Workers​021808 4994
​Societies Council​021 808 2493/2491
​Student Affairs021 808 4585​
​​Student Fees​021 808 9111
Stellenbosch Student Representative Council (SRC)​021 808 2493/2491
​SU Gymnasium​021 808 4428
​Tygerberg campus (switch board)​021 938 9111
​Tygerberg Student Council (TSC)​021 938 9591

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