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Aspiring students ­have a wonderful opportunity to accomplish their dreams of studying at South Africa University through the bursary programs offered here. By offering scholarships to deserving and passionate students, many Universities in South Africa are encouraging students to pursue their dream careers and take the nation towards a bright future.

About Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University in South Africa is known as one of the leading institutions and is globally revered for its excellence. It consists of 10 faculties one of which is the Faculty of Arts and Science through which it is offering a scholarship for the upcoming academic year.

The faculty of arts and science offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the stream of arts, languages, and Social Sciences.

The W. Mellon Foundation was formed with the merger of 2 foundations namely; the Avalon Foundation and the Old Dominion Foundation in the year 1969.  It is a non-profit organization and is one of the largest supporters of arts and humanities in the USA.

The W. Mellon Foundation awards grants and scholarships in 4 areas; Arts and Culture, Public Knowledge, Higher Learning, and Humanities.

About Stellenbosch University- W. Mellon Scholarship Program

Stellenbosch University has formed a partnership with the W. Mellon Foundation to provide full-time scholarships to aspiring candidates for Master’s or Ph.D. studies.

Stellenbosch University Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarships

The scholarship is named “Turning the Tide” and is available 100% for research studies in any of the fields with the faculty of Arts and Social Science at Stellenbosch University. The scholarship is available in limited numbers and covers the following themes:

  • Gender, Identity, or Queer Studies
  • African Cultural studies
  • The Anthropocene and Ecocriticism

The applicants should know that this scholarship does not cover the Honours program or coursework MA programs where the thesis component has less than 180 credits.


The “Turning the Tide” scholarship covers the following expenses on behalf of the students:

  • Tuition fees
  • Conference attendance and publication expenditure
  • Allowance
  • Research activities

The value of studies is as follows:

For Ph.D. students- R357 000 for 3 years

For MA students- R160 000 for 18 months to 2 years

Eligibility Criteria For The Scholarship

Students who wish to apply and receive this scholarship should fulfill the following eligibility criteria. It is important to note that those students who do not meet the criteria set by the institution will be disqualified.

  • Students must be South African students or international students
  • One must start their studies (subject to possible COVID-19-related delays).
  • Students must showcase a strong academic performance
  • One must be willing to study at Stellenbosch University in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science
  • Applicants must not be receiving any other scholarship or grant for the same course
  • D. applicants must be 35 years or younger
  • D. students should achieve a minimum score of 75% in the final year of their recent degree
  • D. students are required to complete a full MA thesis to receive this bursary
  • Master’s applicants must be 30 years or younger at the time of application
  • Master’s applicants must score a minimum of 75% for Honours
  • Applicant must be willing to research in the areas listed by the University


How to apply?

To apply for the Stellenbosch Bursary program, students must complete the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarship Application Form and fill it out carefully.

Students should also attach the following documents to support their application.

In case any documents are missing the application will get rejected.

Documents Required

  • Certified copy of ID document or passport
  • Full academic record
  • Certified copy of Honours or Master’s degree. If the certificate is not issued, the student must submit proof of the same from the institution
  • Students must have been in contact with the Faculty of Arts and Science
  • One must also submit a motivational letter of not more than 600 words (read our article about writing a motivational letter)
  • A pre-proposal or research idea describing the proposed research question that you have chosen. Your research must be based on the themes mentioned. You should discuss the unique contribution your research will make to the existing body of knowledge in this field of study, the problem statement, the methodology / theoretical framework / philosophical underpinnings you intend to use, and the feasibility of your study. Please note that your research should deal directly with one of the three project themes.

Additional Information:

  • Students should be able to use other languages in addition to English for study purposes
  • Students should have artistic or professional experience
  • Students must showcase their awards or grants
  • The application form is available in an editable Word format. Students should fill out the form and save it as a PDF file.

Applications must be submitted via email to

Applicants must insert the words “Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarship Application”

Closing Date

Currently closed for application. Please check back later for the updated opening and closing date of this bursary.

Contact Details

Students can contact Stellenbosch University for any queries related to the bursary on the following:

Dr Candice Steele

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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