UCT International and Refugee Scholarship 2022

About University of Cape Town (UCT)

The University of Cape Town, abbreviated as UCT, is a South African premier tertiary institution that’s regarded as one of the best in Africa. It’s a research-intensive university with a strong focus on learning, creation, research, and innovation. Times Higher Education ranks it first among all African universities in four of the five major universities ranking categories.

The main goal of the institution is to produce adept individuals for the workforce of tomorrow.

UCT has a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, humanities, law, health sciences, and commerce.

UCT International and Refugee Scholarship 2022

The University of Cape Town sponsors refugees and international students every year who are in need of financial assistance for their education.

For the academic year 2022, the UCT International and Refugee scholarship will cover all post-graduate studies taught at UCT. There’s no restriction on the field of study.

UCT International and Refugee Scholarship

Here’s how the scholarships are valued for different post-grad programmes:

  • Honours – R 25,000
  • Master’s – R 30,000
  • Doctoral – R 35,000

The amount isn’t awarded all at once. Instead, it’s renewed every year upon satisfactory performance in the current year.

So, the students are allowed to get coverage for the entire duration of their study, provided they perform well academically.

The scholarship will only cover the Cost of Attendance. They must have the means to fund their studies.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be selected for the scholarship, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria first. Since UCT receives hundreds of applications, it rejects the ones that do not fulfill all the criteria. So you must ensure that you’re on the right side to avoid rejection.

The eligibility requirements for UCT International and Refugee Scholarship 2022 are:

  • Must be either an international student or hold refugee status. International students should have a valid passport, while refugees must be in possession of valid papers
  • Must have been accepted to study at UCT or have applied for a study programme
  • Must be pursuing or willing to pursue a full-time postgraduate programme (Honours, Masters, or Doctoral)
  • Must have completed the qualification within a minimum amount of time
  • This should be your first postgraduate qualification. Applicants who already hold a postgrad degree will not be eligible for the scholarship
  • Must have scored no less than 55% in all major subjects
  • Must not have a full-time job (part-time jobs with less than 20 hours per week workload is acceptable)
  • Must have the financial capability to fund their education outside of this scholarship

Besides the above, certain students are explicitly excluded from this scholarship programme. These are students who are:

  • Pursuing a postgrad diploma or certificate or HDE
  • Pursuing the Honours in the Economic Analysis of Financial Markets (EAFM) program
  • Pursuing Master’s in MMed or MBA
  • Pursuing a part-time degree
  • Pursuing a degree that involves less than 33% research component

Before applying, double-check the requirements and ensure you fulfill all of them.

How to Apply?

The application process for the UCT International and Refugee Scholarship is done via email. You need to submit your application and certain documents to the correct UCT department. So here are the steps involved:

The first thing you need to do is download and complete the UCT International and Refugee Scholarship Application Form.

The form has got six sections, and you need to fill out all of them. The questions range from personal information to academic performance to financial information.

You need to complete the application form online and then download the completed form.

Documents Required

The next step is to submit the required documents, which are:

  • Valid Passport (for international students)
  • Refugee papers (for refugees)
  • Official transcripts or academic records (submit translated copies if the first language is not English)
  • Unofficial transcripts (for students who have studied only at UCT)
  • Overview of the proposed research (for students pursuing Master’s or Doctoral degrees)
  • Updated CV containing your list of publications
  • Academic referee reports (2 nos.). These should be from those who’ve taught or supervised you at the university
  • Complete Section E if you have an established supervisor

You need to compile all the documents in one PDF file.

Mail the documents and the completed application to generalfunding@uct.ac.za. Mention “Form 10C 2022 – Your Name” in the subject field.

Closing Date

The last day to apply for the UCT International and Refugee Scholarship is 30 September 2021.

Contact Details

You can contact the bursary provider at:

  • Telephone – 021 650 3622
  • Email – pgfunding@uct.ac.za / generalfunding@uct.ac.za

Please do NOT contact the University of Cape Town if this scholarship has already closed. View our other bursaries open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

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