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In this article, you will find the UJ Prospectus for 2022 and other relevant information that you might need. 

You can access the UJ Undergraduate Prospectus here: https://web.uj.ac.za/digital-books/UJ_Undergraduate_Prospectus_2022/

US News & World Report’s Best Global Universities Rankings (BGUR)  

World Rankings: 378 in the world, 5th in South Africa 

BGUR Subject Rankings

Chemistry: #280 in the world, and 1st in South Africa Geosciences: #222 in the world, and 2nd in South Africa Engineering: #392 in the world, and 2nd in South Africa Physics: #289 in the world, and 3rd in South Africa Social Sciences & Public Health: #287 in the world Plant & Animal Science: #424 in the world Environment/Ecology: #463 in the world. 

How to determine your Admission Point Score (APS)

Based on the Achievement Rating of each topic, an Admission Point Score (APS), which is described below, has been devised for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). The sum of the accomplishment ratings from the six schools is the total APS. The APS is not calculated with Life Orientation taken into account.

How the University of Johannesburg calculates APS:

Following guidelines must be taken into account when calculating the Admission Point Score (APS):

  • The Ordinary Level (O) Grades on UJ’s Student database should be linked for applicants with the following results: WAEC, Diplome or Exam D’Etat, Certificado de Habilitscoes Literarias, Ensino Medio, and Baccalaureat.
  • Candidates with the following results should be linked to the South African NSC (N) Grades on UJ’s Student database: HIGCSE, NSSC (HL), AS Level, IB (SL), and KCSE.
  • The (A) Grades on UJ’s Student database should be linked to applicants who have declared for either A Level or IB (HL).

UJ Faculty Contact Details

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Telephone: 011 559 1098 

Email: web-fada@uj.ac.za  

College of Business and Economics APK 

Telephone: 011 559 2475 or 011 559 2492 

Email: jsimelane@uj.ac.za or lnuku@uj.ac.za or AskCBE@uj.ac.za  


Telephone: 011 559 1348 

Email: suek@uj.ac.za  


Telephone: 011 559 5559 or 011 559 5709 

Email: bobbyk@uj.ac.za or matebogom@uj.ac.za  

Faculty of Education 

Telephone: 011 559 3251 (APK) 011 559 5562 (SWC) 

Email: eduqueries@uj.ac.za 

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment APK 

Telephone: 011 559 3565 

Email: web-engineering@uj.ac.za  


Telephone: 011 559 6811 

Email: web-engineering@uj.ac.za

Faculty of Health Sciences 

Telephone: 011 559 6925 

Email: web-healthscience@uj.ac.za  

Faculty of Humanities 

Telephone: 011 559 3796 

Email: rmosia@uj.ac.za 

Faculty of Law 

Telephone: 011 559 2141 or 011 559 2775 

Email: thokozilem@uj.ac.za  

Faculty of Science 

Telephone: 011 559 4562 or 011 559 6349 

Email: web-science@uj.ac.za 

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