UNISA Application Status

It can be hard to wait to hear about your application. UNISA has a platform where you may monitor the progress of your UNISA application status to combat this.

You can find all the instructions you need to track the status of your application below. Additionally, we will address a few frequently asked issues regarding your application and the subsequent procedures.

UNISA Application Status

How To Check Your Unisa Application Status

You can feel concerned since it takes some time to verify your application when you apply to study at the University of South Africa (Unisa). Unisa will only provide you feedback six to eight weeks following the application deadline.

Here’s how to find out the status of your Unisa application.

  1. Go to: myadmin.unisa.ac.za/unisa-studentstatus 
  2. Submit your Student Number
  3. Enter your Surname
  4. Full first names need to be added next 
  5. Select your date of birth
  6. Finally, tap the “Continue” button to know your Unisa status

What If You Are Missing Information?

If you have forgotten your student number:

  1. Go to the UNISA Student Number Search page
  2. Fill in your Surname
  3. Fill in your First Name/Names
  4. Enter your Date of Birth
  5. Enter your ID number (for South African students) or your foreign passport number (for foreign students)

You’ll receive an email or SMS containing your student number.

Click here to verify that all of your contact information is accurate if you haven’t heard from Unisa. Alternatively, you can verify and update your contact information on the myUNISA page.

You can email if you experience any issues accessing the page at:  myunisahelp@unisa.ac.za 

How Do You Know If Your Application Has Been Succesful?

As soon as your application is processed, you will hear back if you apply for a qualification that is not yet complete. To check the status of your application, utilize the Unisa status tool.

How Long Does It Take For Unisa To Approve Your Application?

Your application will be evaluated by Unisa based on your final undergraduate grade and the academic admission standards for the chosen qualification.

Applications go through a formal review and approval procedure that might take three months to complete.


If Your Application Has Been Accepted, Follow These Steps 

Your application for the 2023 academic year was accepted, and Unisa will let you know what degree you’ve been accepted for.

  1. New applicants to Unisa are required to finish the First-Year Experience MOOC (massive open online course). The FYE MOOC’s (UOL009-FYE101 2023) main objective is to orient and prepare new students so they may effectively start their studies at Unisa. Please take note: If you haven’t finished Unisa’s free online MOOC, you won’t be able to accept their offer (step 2 below).
  2. You have a specified amount of time to accept or reject Unisa’s offer for the 2023 academic year after finishing the FYE MOOC (10 days, unless otherwise indicated in the offer e-mail). Visit Unisa’s website at www.unisa.ac.za/acceptoffer to accept or reject the offer. If you don’t accept the offer within the time specified in the offer email, Unisa maintains the right to revoke it.
  3. The start of registration for the 2023 school year is scheduled for January 2023. For the time period for which you have been admitted, you must register. You’ll have to reapply for admission during the following application season if you don’t enroll for the 2023 academic year.

If Your Application Was Unsuccessful, This Is What You Can Do 

Unisa will let you know if your application was rejected. Please carefully study the letter from Unisa to see if any other possibilities are included. To learn more about other study options, go to www.unisa.ac.za/studyoptionsHONS. Applications that are incorrect or incomplete will be rejected.

Please note:

  • If your application for admission to one or both of your desired qualifications is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. You can do this either on the grounds that you think the university erred in making the decision or on the grounds that additional supporting information might change the decision. After receiving the decision on your application, you have ten days to file an appeal using the required form. Please be aware that failing to submit the necessary supporting papers during the application procedure does not give rise to an appeal.
  • Unisa will email your myLife e-mail account with the results of your application if you were already enrolled with them. For information, kindly check this email account frequently. Please visit myUnisa (https://my.unisa.ac.za) to change your password if you’ve forgotten your myUnisa/myLife password. If this is your first time applying to Unisa and you don’t already have a myLife email address, Unisa will contact you at the email address and mobile number you gave throughout the application process.
  • Please be aware of Unisa’s student regulations.

Take Aways

  • In six simple steps, you may determine the status of your registration or application.
  • Since the application deadlines have passed, it typically takes four to six weeks to hear back from Unisa.
  • If you are lacking any of the information needed for the tracking portals, there are ways to find it.

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