UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2024

About The University of South Africa (UNISA)

UNISA (University of South Africa) is the only Higher Education Institution that is named after the country itself. For the last 15 decades, UNISA has continued to dynamically expand and innovate in the education field as per the demand of the evolving times. UNISA’s history dates back to the year 1873 when the University of the Cape of Good was established as the main functioning and examining entity for higher education.

In the year 1916, the name was changed to the University of South Africa and it was relocated to Pretoria. In 1946, UNISA was one of the first public universities to exclusively teach through distance education across the world. Today, UNISA is well-known as a prominent CODeL University which stands for Comprehensive, Open, Distance, and e-Learning.

UNISA has over 370,000 students and is the largest South African University, one of the mega-universities of the world with offices spread across the entire country and students coming from 109 countries.

The three main business fields of UNISA include Engaged Scholarship, Research, and Teaching.

UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries

UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2024

The UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours Bursary intends to help UNISA alumni students from South Africa by alleviating their Unisa tuition fees and helping them complete their degrees with ease.

This bursary award will be awarded to Honours as well as Postgraduate Diploma students for 2 consecutive years as per their academic performance, availability of funds, and eligibility criteria.

The bursary will cover tuition fees only.

Important Note:

  • The bursary does not cover historic debt OR textbooks, laptop, accommodation, or study material allowances.
  • The bursary will fund students for 2 consecutive years, provided the second-year re-application is approved.
  • The bursary will not fund repeating/failed modules
  • The bursary will not fund other NQF level 8 qualifications than the one previously funded.
  • UNISA will give priority to academically talented students with high averages- starting from highest to lowest scorers. This is subject to the availability of funds, as per the average calculation on the three PG Diploma/Honours modules (including failed, supplementary, etc. modules).

Eligibility Criteria

Students willing to apply for the UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours Bursary must fulfill the following criteria:

New bursary applicants who UNISA PG Bursary has Never awarded:

  • Must be a citizen of South Africa and UNISA NQF Level 7 Undergraduates’ Alumni who have completed their Degree/Advance Diploma before 31 January 2024 and achieved 60% average score in their entire Undergraduate degree.
  • South African UNISA NQF Level 8 Honours/PG Diploma students in their second year of studies that have passed a minimum of 3 postgraduate modules and have an average of 60% in the same previous year’s postgraduate qualification.

Returning Honours/PG Diploma students who have been funded by UNISA PG Bursary and are re-applying:

  • South African UNISA NQF Level 8 Honours/PG Diploma students who have passed the previous registered/funded modules with a 50% average score.

Who Cannot Apply for the UNISA PG Diploma/Honours Bursary 2024?

  • Permanent staff members of UNISA
  • Students enrolled for non-degree purpose programmes OR special study programmes such as PGCE.
  • Students who DO NOT have UNISA NQF Level 7 qualifications and have ONLY completed non-degree purpose programmes and special study programmes such as PGCE.
  • Students who have already achieved a Postgraduate degree in a higher or same NQF level in a qualification registered.
  • Students in the Graduate School of Business Leadership enrolled for:
  • PG Diploma in Project Management
  • PG Diploma in Business Management

How to Apply?

Students must submit applications online via the myUnisa link app. UNISA will not accept applications via email, hard copy, or hand delivery.

Go to the following link and log in to apply:

UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours Bursary 2024 Application

If your application is successful, students must send the signed bursary contract according to the email instructions before the closing date.

Important Note: 

  • Students must READ the complete 2024 UNISA PG Diploma and Honours Bursary 2024 Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions before applying. The guide includes instructions for de-registration/cancellations/claims/refunds as well.
  • Students MUST register all the modules they want to study temporarily by 31 January 2024 to activate the registration once the application is successful.
  • Returning bursary awardees must re-apply each year for the same previously funded qualification as per bursary guidelines.
  • UNISA will convey the bursary result to the student’s myLife email account.
  • Successful students who paid for the registration from their pocket must keep/retain their registration proof of payment (speed point or ATM receipt, etc.).
  • Unsuccessful students who paid for the registration from their pocket must de-register before the closing date of the cancellation if they cannot find other funding.
  • Unsuccessful students may submit an appeal as a formal email from 1 April to 7 April to CGS-pgb@unisa.ac.za. It must contain evidence/information to prove that provided rejection reason contradicts the student’s status quo.
  • The following types of students CAN NOT appeal to UNISA:
    • Those with insufficient funds
    • Who has been fully funded for the entire bursary period,
    • Who has enough alternative funding (double dipping)
    • Who are rejected by the college vetting process because of poor academic performance
    • Those who do not fulfill the bursary eligibility criteria or terms and conditions.

Closing Date 

The last date to apply for the UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honours Bursary is 31 January 2024.

An appeal for UNISA to reconsider your rejected application may be submitted from 1 April to 7 April 2024. The request has to be forwarded to CGS-pgb@unisa.ac.za with the student’s motivation. UNISA would not accept the appeal if the student was rejected due to having insufficient funds for the bursary award.

Contact Details

For any queries related to the UNISA PG Diploma and Honours Bursary applications, contact the following:

Email: CGS-pgb@unisa.ac.za

Students must ONLY use their registered myLife email account for queries. UNISA will not entertain queries from personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, work email accounts, etc. as per the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information).

If students are having any issues with Login, try to reset myUnisa/myLife password via the following link:

OR Contact:

If the bursary has already been closed, please do not make any queries. View our other bursaries open for application here: https://allbursaries.co.za/notice/

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