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Did you know that the WiSeUp Walter Sisulu University student portal is a virtual learning management system that is accessible online? It includes both in-the-moment encounters and interactions that take place over a longer period of time. WiSeUp’s main advantage is that it can work across time and space. You do not need to be in the same room as your professor to understand what he or she is saying.

To make a smooth transition to online study, Walter Sisulu University students use the BlackBoard technology as a teaching and learning platform. You can access your core curriculum from just about anywhere, at any time, using our learning portal. You can also talk to your classmates and professors to ensure that you get the most well-rounded education possible.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about WiSeUp2, how to access your BlackBoard portal as well as a few important details and dates you need to keep in mind. 

WSU WiSeUp Blackboard Login

How To Access The WSU BlackBoard Login

  1. Go to the WSU website on your browser.
  2. Go to the Connect Me page.
  3. Click on WiSe Up e-learning once the page has loaded.
  4. You will then see a section whereby you can type in your username and below that, your password. 
  5. To log in, click the Login button.
  6. Create a profile photo.
  7. Make changes to your personal information.
  8. Make sure your course activities are included in your alerts.

How To Enrol For Walter Sisulu University BlackBoard Portal System

  1. To log in to WSU Blackboard, go to https://wiseup.wsu.ac.za.
  2. Log in is the first option.
  3. Slide down the page to Course Categories once you’ve logged in. Choose a school.
  4. Choose your course or search for it in your department.
  5. The material for your course will then appear.


WiSeUp BlackBoard Login Address

WiSeUp Login Troubleshooting Issues

If you’re having difficulties getting into your portal, try the troubleshooting steps below before contacting your IT department.

  • Depending on your password and the site you want to visit, make sure Caps Lock is turned off or on.
  • Before attempting to enter your student portal again, make sure your internet connection is working and your device is connected.
  • Only use a VPN if it is necessary.

How To Change Your WiSeUp Password

Click Reset Password on the WiSeUp main page (before logging in). If you need a new password, click the change password box, which is found on the main page, and enter the following information into the system: Student Identification number or passport information, as well as your contact information or email address.

If these details match what is in your academic record, you will receive your password via SMS or email to guide you through how you can change your password through a link. You can correct any incorrect information by visiting Academic Administration (the response time depends on your network). Update the password you currently use to something that only you will remember.

Additional Information You Should Be Aware Of

Acceptance of the G12 terms and conditions is implied by logging into Blackboard and beginning the online tests. Your examination instructions include the original declaration, which is translated here for the online environment.

  • Identification and Password Security: Because exams must be completed by students, passwords must be changed regularly to secure online student profiles. Individual student password security is their responsibility – Do not share your password with anyone! This is important!! 
  • Unless otherwise ordered by the instructor, students may not have access to any documents, notes, or other resources during the test. On the day of your examination, you will not have access to your course content. It will be made available following the completion of the examination.
  • In the instance of an open-book test, your lecturer will inform you on what materials should be available for the examination.
  • Under no circumstance can a misinterpretation of the exam dates be deemed a reason for extra exams.

Other methods are being considered in circumstances where learners do not have access to any device or data, such as using the South African Post Office to provide paper-based materials to pupils. 

When contact teaching returns, more help will be made available to students, particularly those who have had trouble adjusting to online learning. Face-to-face lectures may need to be extended through the September and December vacation periods, and the academic program may need to be extended until 2022 for some cohorts.

Students should contact their local institutions if they have any questions about the academic program. Students who lack sufficient mobile computing devices and are unable to acquire them anywhere should contact their Faculty officials.

Contact Information 

If you are unable to gain access to your portal for whatever reason, you can contact the Remote Learning Team via the following details:

043 703 8543
047 502 2984
043 703 8597
Email: remotelearning@wsu.ac.za 




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