WSU Online Application – How to Apply

Applying to universities can be a daunting admin task that many students dread doing. However, if you’re planning on studying at Walter Sisulu University we’ve got good news. The WSU online application platform makes the entire application process simpler.

In this article, we take a close look at everything you need to know about applying. Here, we will discuss the WSU online application process along with its perks.

WSU Online Application

Walter Sisulu University – Overview

The university was founded in 2005 and has four campuses located in the Eastern Cape. WSU offers South Africans both, academic and technological qualifications. Furthermore, the university focuses on urban renewal and rural development.

Why Apply at WSU?

WSU University is one of the most diverse universities in the country. They offer over 185 accredited programmes.

More importantly, Walter Sisulu University does not charge an application fee. Students who apply can enjoy the benefit of saving on application fees.

Lastly, WSU online application offers students the opportunity to apply directly via their website. In conclusion, this makes the entire process a lot easier.

What you need to know before applying

First, ensure that you know what you want to study before applying. Thereafter, make certain to check the admission requirements of the program. You will be able to evaluate and determine if you will be accepted. Most courses and programs have different minimum requirements, you can look these up for each department in the WSU prospectus. Make sure you know the application dates so you can apply before the deadline.

Registration guidelines

There are a few guidelines that students need to follow to register online. Firstly, they will need an academic admission. This means that they will need to be admitted to a qualification. They will then need to confirm their admission status.

Secondly, students will need a student number and an activated pin. This will enable them to log in to the system. If a student has forgotten their pin they can request a new pin.

WSU online application – How to apply

Firstly, the new applicant will need to register online in order to apply at WSU. Next, they will need to provide their personal details. Once they have submitted their details they will receive an email with further information.

It’s vital that students provide accurate information when submitting their applications. For more information students can visit

Students who are already registered will be able to continue with the WSU online application.

The application is a free service and there is no fee payment required.

What you need for the WSU online application

Listed below is a compilation of important documentation that will be required. Each course may also have it’s own requirement which will need to be met. These documents are all essential to have at hand when applying. Here’s what you will need:

  • Correct personal details. This includes your ID number, your contact details etc.
  • Address of your guardian/ parent/  next of kin
  • The address of the person responsible for the account
  • A valid personal email address

New applicants

New post-matric candidates will need to provide a matric certificates for admission purposes and an ID/ passport. Additionally, students will also need to upload a copy of their academic record.

However, students that are currently in matric will need to upload their Grade 11 results. Furthermore, WSU will request students’ Grade 11 final results and mid-year results.

Transfer students

If a student is transferring from another tertiary institute they will need to submit the following:

  • Identity document or passport
  • Matric certificate
  • Post-matric certificate
  • Conduct certificate
  • Academic report

International students

International students will first need to apply via the Universities South Africa (Usaf). Usaf evaluates the school results or degree/ diploma certificate. Thereafter, candidates may continue with their WSU online application.

It should be noted that all international applicants are required to submit a copy of their passports.

Contact details

Students can redirect any other queries to the admissions office. This includes any application questions or admission queries that they might have. Remember you can also check the WSU Student Portal.

Contact details:

Call: 043 709 4000 or 043 708 5200

Registration queries Whatsapp Line: 079 378 3102

Learn more about your application status at WSU status check.

Campus offices contact details:

The bottom line

WSU is a well-renowned university in South Africa. Above all, it’s known as a tertiary institution which offers students various programs with endless career opportunities. WSU online application enables students to apply remotely from anywhere in the world.

The seamless online application is an efficient service that requires no payment.  Thus, benefiting students and saving them money.  Furthermore, students also experience a hassle-free application process.

It’s vital that students submit all requested documents and details when applying. Students need to ensure that they provide the correct email address.  Lastly, students need to also apply for residence and financial assistance if required. Once you have been accepted into the university you will also gain access to the WSU student services portal.

In addition, if a student is uncertain about anything on the application form, they can email

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