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To access the UP Portal Login for the University of Pretoria (UP) student portal, first navigate to www.up.ac.za then click my UP Login. This is an online portal for students, staff, online applications, and eLearning. This Student Portal of UP provides students with information to help them perform various academic activities.

What can I do on the UP Portal?

You can use the UP Student Portal to access information about:

  • Academic calendar
  • Admission for online applications
  • Application status
  • Exam results
  • UP course registrations
  • Payment of acceptance fees
  • Payment of fees
  • Timetables

Where do I access the UP Portal login?

  1. If you are on the homepage, you can click My UP Login in the top navigation menu. Alternative. you can access the UP portal directly at: https://upnet.up.ac.za/
  2. You will then need to provide your username and password, you will need to provide your username beginning with ‘u’ – for example u07654321.
  3. Then click the “Login” button

UP Portal Login

The ‘u’ username is related to the student number (EMPLID) found on your student card.

For example, if the EMPLID student number shown on your student card is “10514532”, then the username you should  be using for sign on to the systems is “u10514532”.

The University of Pretoria uses this EMPLID number (EMPLID stands for Enterprise-wide Master Personal Identity Descriptor), which is then assigned to each individual, as a unique identification for each person across all systems.

What if I have lost my UP password?

If you have forgotten or lost your UP password, you can reset it by click the “Lost (forgotten) password” link and then providing your username (again the one beginning with ‘u’).

If you are still experiencing any difficulty finding the links you need or logging in, you can log a support call either via email or contact the support Helpdesk – see more information and contact details here: https://www1.up.ac.za/uplogin/faces/log-support-call.jsp

Please note there are different contact details for staff / guests and students / alumni.


New Student Login for UP Portal

If you are a new student at the University of Pretoria. You will need to create a New User to be able to access the portal. To do this:

  1. Navigate to https://upnet.up.ac.za/
  2. Click the ‘New User’ button on the login page.
  3. Provide your Username (beginning with ‘u’ – for example u07654321) and your National ID or Passport number.
  4. Click the Proceed button.
  5. Enter a password that meets the minimum validation requirements.
  6. Choose three questions, which are specific to yourself, and for which the answers to those questions will be something you won’t forget.
  7. Provide the answers to those questions and click Save.

The questions and answers you provide will be used should you ever forgot your password using the ‘Lost Password’ functionality. This feature allows you to reset your password online providing you are able to provide the answers to the questions you set during the setup.

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