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We are glad to introduce to you the multipurpose Intellimali Student Portal ( includes instructions on how to access your Intellimali dashboard as well.

To manage loans, allowances, and bursaries, the institution’s present and prospective students may find the INTELLIMALI student portal helpful. The student portal is crucial because it gives current and prospective students a way to manage their financial aid.

Privately held IntelliMali specializes in the payment and management of funds through its products IntelliCard and IntelliCell.

It was founded in 2009 to relieve Chief Financial Officers and Financial Aid practitioners at South African Higher Education institutions were experiencing stress. It has now expanded significantly from this initial foundation.

It has Level 2 B-BBEE status and is owned by 51% Black people. An experienced group of business managers and administrators oversees the company and caters to the unique needs of our diverse clientele.

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What is the purpose of the Intellimali portal? 

As a result, using the student portal for its intended purpose benefits:

  1. Access to a straightforward and practical method for recipients to manage their allowance, loan, or bursary monies and purchase all of their essentials;
  2. efficient transactions, higher turnover, and smooth end-of-month reconciliation processes for merchants;
  3. Funders will see a considerable drop in advertising

Who has access to the portal?

  • Prospective students
  • First-year students
  • Continuing/Returning Students

Why should you use the portal?

  • Update your information
  • Look over your allowances.
  • Engage with your pals
  • Learn more about the environment you’re in.

How To Register Your Bank Details On Intellimali

The option to enter your bank information is only accessible after your account has received a monetary allowance. Intellimali does not need your banking information if no cash allowance is sent out. Once you have been given a monetary allocation, you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm your bank information.

  1. Utilize your Identity Number and PIN to log into the Intellimali student portal at
    1. Please make sure that your cell phone number is accurate if you haven’t received a PIN by SMS. Please update your student profile on campus if it has changed.
    2. Your account can be disabled or locked out if you cannot log in. Call or email Intellimali at to unlock your account.
  2. Using the menu bar, select Accounts -> Account Details after logging in.
    1. Verify that your email address is accurate. An email for verification will be sent to this address. Please fill up this field if it is blank.
    2. If it is erroneous, write an email with the correct email address to so it can be changed.
  3. The loaded allowance is displayed first, followed by a section for banking details. If your information has not yet been input, this will be empty.
  4. Complete the necessary fields (Account Holder, Bank name, Account Number, Account Type). Please select “Cheque” as the account type if you have a Nedbank account even though it is a savings account.
  5. When finished, click the Save Changes button at the bottom left of the page. This button will trigger a warning once you click it. NB! The “Delete Pending Verification” button MUST NOT BE CLICKED.
  6. An email with a verification link will be sent to you. To complete the bank details registration process, open your email and click the verification link.
    1. To access the verification link, you must be logged into your account.
    2. The warning will vanish following verification.
  7. To verify that the bank information has been changed, you will receive an SMS on the telephone number you have on file.
    1. The SMS is intended to let you know that your bank information has changed. If you don’t update your bank information, then this is merely a problem.

How To Access Your Intellimali student portal

  1. Launch a web browser. 
  2. Please click on the link below to access the Intellimali student portal.
  3. Enter your Student Number as your User ID and National ID as your Password (default or whatever you change it to)
  4. When you log in successfully, your homepage will be displayed.
  5. To track the status of both your academic progress and fee payments at any moment, click the items as they are displayed on your homepage or dashboard.

How To Check Your Intellimali Balance 

You can check your IntelliMali balance in three different ways:

  1. By using the USSD code, dial *120*44431*student number# and follow the on-screen directions to check your Intellimali balance.
  2. You can also sign in to the My Intellimali student site through this link: After that, you can use the Intellizone to check your balance.
  3. Another choice is to ask for a balance inquiry when you visit an Intellicard merchant. After that, the retailer will request that you swipe your student card and input your PIN. A slip with your balance will be printed by the point-of-sale device.

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